still askin’…If 16 million Americans are practicing yoga, why does our world still suck?

I welcome guest bloggers and this post is written by the indomitable Holly Westergren of Namaste, Bitches blog fame or infamy, as the case may be.  Holly has taken a yoga and yoga blogging sabbatical but when I posted on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to take the plunge and write for LYJ,  Holly dived right in.

When Holly started blogging we connected with each other immediately — we both have an affinity for no bullshit yoga and wise-crackin’ men.  She’s a heart sister from another mister.   Some of  you may think that Holly put the bitch in namaste, but I happen to know that Holly is dedicated to life as service and bringing yoga to the disadvantaged and the underserved.  My type of broad.   The real deal.

Enjoy her words.


“It is no sign of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – J. Krishnamurti

“And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”  – Joni Mitchell

“Love‘s in need of love today.”  – Stevie Wonder

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” – Cree Indian proverb

Linda and I most certainly share an African soul, a connection to the spirit and sounds of Mother Africa.  We also clearly share sacred hearts on fire to bridge the gaps in this world between white and black, rich and poor, people who “do yoga” and the rest of humanity.   Apparently, we’re both not all that white— whatever that means, everybody knows we’re all just Souls camping out in these bodies.   Could someone please send Condoleeza Rice that memo?    I heard Ms. Rice say recently, “ We’ll never be race blind in America.”    With all due respect, whatchoo talkin’ bout, Condy?   Great Scots, what kind of message is that to the children, who are indeed the Future?   Don’t make me come over there and have you bust out 108 Sun Salutations to The Greatest Love of All.   Jeeza Louisa, Condoleeza.   I absolutely refuse to believe we will never be race blind in America Everybody knows we’re all just rainbows. Ho hum and Hare Om.

I like this question Linda had posed very much, though I confess, I don’t much care for the word “ suck”, nor do I think any of us can afford to see the world in this way despite the temptation to feel disenchanted, disillusioned, and thoroughly fed up with the ways of the world.   I would invite us all instead to blast Louis Armstrong’s “ What a wonderful world” and stay in that sunny piece of Heaven for a stretch.   There is still quite a lot of good left amidst the atrocities and injustices.   One of my favorite Satchmo quotes is “ There’s some people, who if you can’t tell ‘em, they won’t get it. “ That’s sort of how it is right now in the world in this fight for the triumph of good over evil .  We’ve been polluted for so long.   And lots of people have straight up concrete in their heads.   Pray for them.   Forgive them Father for they know not what they do-style.

There are simply a lot of broken hearts on the mend, a lot of ancient wounds that still need healing.   And a lot of  God’s children in America are eating a whole lot of fake food, watching Wheel of Fortune, barely surviving on Welfare.  The plight of the walking wounded and weary in this world has not yet tugged on the heart strings of the people in power livin’ the life of Riley.   At least not the point where hearts begin to bleed and feed people in need. But a man cannot live on bread alone, as we know.   It is spiritual food and shelter this world needs — we are all just souls longing to be free and healed, living purposeful lives of peace and joy.

And so, it is indeed a curious thing, with all the people “practicing yoga”, with Oprah and Deepak joining forces and Stevie Wonder and Shiva Rea putting their heads together that We the People have not found ourselves, in this so-called land of the free, home of the brave, in better shape, on all fronts.   But how can we truly be surprised that “yoga”, as it has been packaged and sold in the West has not made much  of difference in the way things work or rather don’t work in America, at least within the confines of the “system“?   Yoga is still very much a white person’s extra curricular endeavor in America.   Or something that occasionally happens at The White House.   Or something people do on Comcast ON-DEMAND.  All this yoga, and we’re not getting to the root of the problem, which is the healing of our collective relationship to Mother Earth.

Holistic healing is still very much a luxury in this country, with a few exceptions.   It costs a lot of money to choose natural, homeopathic healing and food in this country, which is part of why everything is upside down and backwards. The easiest way to be healthy is to live simply and in accordance with the principals of Nature.   Needless to say, this is not the American way and an even more difficult undertaking if you are living just enough for the city, as Stevie sings.   We need a whole lotta miracles round here.   And then some.   It is time for all the money and beauty and in the billion dollar yoga industry and Oprahland and Chopraland to be shared with our brothers and sisters who have never stepped foot in a Whole Foods, never heard of Wanderlust, and sure as hell aren’t reading Elephant Journal or Shambala Sun.   In order to raise the vibration of the planet, we must share resources and knowledge with open hearts and minds.

Another big reason things are so out of wack in America that it’s going to take a while before Truth will infiltrate corporate America and our political circus wash it clean.    It all comes out in the wash, but as we all have learned the hard way— what we resist -persists and a lot of people are holding on to old ways of thinking, being, and relating to each other and all living things on this One Planet.   There is a massive disconnect between the people who are living in accordance with Divine will and the folks who are making decisions in this world about how things are run and regulated and what people have access to.   A reversal of Separation of Church and State might help but that’s a pipe dream I’m working on seeing come true.

There is still quite a bit of fear ruling this country, quite a bit of xenophobia in the hearts and minds of people, quite a bit of nonsense, noise, disease, dysfunction, and backasswards bureaucracy.  Americans have much to learn from the rest of the world, especially our brothers and sisters in the East about how to honor the sacred in every day life and how to live —  simply, beautifully, peacefully, with reverence for the Divine.   Part of the reason yoga isn’t making a dent in the American political system is that, well,  quite simply, it’s an American political system.   People have yet to admit to themselves and each other how many lies they are living and tell themselves and each other.   To do so would mean that many things would have to fall apart and to change– old ways of thinking will be challenged, conventions will be turned upside down, masks will have to come off, people will have to get real and accept who they actually are instead of who they have been pretending to be.   And most people are not ready for that.   Recovery is painful.   And the Truth hurts, depending on how blind, delusional, and trapped you’ve been.

Lots of people have still not surrendered the mess of their lives and of  this world to the all-healing, all-merciful and miraculous love of The Creator.   We’re too busy fighting about whose God wins instead of focusing on achieving Universal consciousness of  radical Love and self-acceptance that transcends the barriers we place in our minds between you and me and me and you.   So happy together?   There is not yet a correlation between people practicing yoga and things changing in our corporate, legal, health care, and political systems because there has not yet been a shift in power, an admission that we have failed each other, that we have not loved ourselves and each other the way God so loved the world, that we have everything we need to heal.   People are still holding on to things they can’t take with them .   We worship the new and not the eternal– and that can only get you so far in this Life.   And don’t get me started on the toxic waste of time that are the talking heads of the main stream media these days.   Sigh.   I think The Muppets should likely start reporting the news for a change.

Unfortunately, it seems many people in power are more interested in being rich and right than healing the world from the inside out.   People have failed to recognize that the only solutions to our word’s major problems are spiritual in nature and that there is no way around that Truth.   I’ve found great comfort, hope, and inspiration in the legacy, work and Foundation of Sir John Templeton, whose vision for uniting science and theology in the uplifting of humanity gives me goosebumps.   There is no masterminding needed when God is at the wheel.   There’s just surrender, prayer and Faith in compassionate action.   And there is the knowing that we are marching in the Light of God, that we are here on borrowed Time and nothing actually belong to us, when you get right down to it.

Mother Theresa said, “ If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”   Until human beings understand and viscerally experience that existential Truth in every cell of our beings and live and love from that place of consciousness, we will not experience the great cosmic shift  towards a whole new world order that is our Destiny, that is the change, the revolution the Earth has been waiting for.

Before I ran away with the yogis,  I worked as a Press Secretary for a New Jersey Republican politician,  dropped out of graduate school for art history,  fake smiled my way through a job as a Public Relations manager for Comcast, loved my job as a teacher at the Center for Literacy in West Philly, shook things up in my job as a Communications consultant for a homeless services non-profit, got fired for rolling my eyes at a Advertising Agency.  I’ve also been a barn hand, a barista, a wedding singer, a nanny.   I wore many hats before I realized I was born to blaze my own trail in this world and be a messenger of hope, healing, and peace a world gone asunder, to live my life according to God’s will for my life, not mine.   I am here to help build a bridge between the haves and the have nots, the yogis and Christians, the Arabs and Jews, black and white and all the colors in between. Walls must come down.

We all know by now that many systems throughout the world are broken, defunct, outmoded, corroded and working against the greater good— it’s all part of the breakdown process as we are poised on the precipice of a great awakening, a rebuilding, a renewing of our Spirit, a global rebirth. But as Einstein said, “ You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created it. “   Many people in power have not transcended, have not been transformed by the renewing of their  minds nor do they seem to be terribly interested in the spiritual work required to do so.   After all, it’s heavy lifting and the only way out is through. So, things are staying the same. If people don’t let go of the old paradigm, we shall stay mired in the mud, at the mercy of defunct systems and stupid rules designed to keep people feeling victimized, diseased, dumb, oppressed, depressed, addicted, confused, and comfortably numb.   We are being asked to evolve, to rise above and see the dawning of a new day where humanity reclaims itself. We are also being asked to be quiet and listen, to heal, to regenerate, to still the collective consciousness in order that we may hear the voice of God.

Likely politicians and people in power suits think they don’t have much time to devote to spiritual transcendence.   But it should be like brushing your teeth, really.   So, as things are moving at warp speed, what we all really need is permission to slow down, be quiet, and do nothing.   Especially Oprah.   Sister Winfrey could sure use a break— I’d like to challenge her to not produce anything for a month and go instead to Vipassana.   That’s the silent retreat center where you shut your trap for 10 days.   What’s more, it’s free, so she can save her ducats for feeding her horses.

Take it from a Queen of the Dream with her head in the clouds while chanting to Kali Ma or singing Tracy Chapman or ABBA or David Bowie or Arvo Part: the old patriarchal paradigm shall crumble.   Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.   It’s the new Mother Nature taking over.   We are on are way, those of us who have been called to defend Gaia and usher in the return to Eden.   But we have miles to go before we sleep.   And men best get a move on embracing their Divine Feminine and honoring and healing the Mother wound.   Otherwise, this hocus pocus holy experiment will simply not work.

Often my mantra is “ Be thou my vision, oh Lord of my heart.“   And with God’s vision, you see beauty everywhere, even in the ugly.   The world is a vast, glorious, miraculous work of art and wonder and paradox which human beings have polluted and abused out of greed and the need for speed.   The world has simply been corrupted by the forces of Evil and people are sick and tired of being sick and tired and don‘t know what they don‘t know.   But there is hope for all of us, and all can all be transformed and made whole and new again by Divine eternal love and by remembering our true nature through yoga.   Healing is simply about recalling who we are:  creatures made perfect in God’s image, perfectly perfect just as we are, just as we were when we were born. Happy babies.

Until the West removes the Western goggles, challenges convention and conditioning and considers the other side, we’ll never spread our wings to actually let freedom ring for the people in this world who are still not free, trapped below, confused, bereft, aching inside to be uplifted by love, beauty, and hope of deliverance.   This country is very much still enslaved to its own ideas about the way things were, the way things should be, who we are as a country and what we stand for anymore.   It’s an identify crisis of the highest order in these so-called United States, that doesn’t seem very united at all.   We must see a new open world before us and dare to dream the impossible dream for the future of this country.  As David Bowie sings, “ Gotta make way for the homo superior.” We are One under the Sun. Big wheels keep on turnin’……….

19 thoughts on “still askin’…If 16 million Americans are practicing yoga, why does our world still suck?

  1. “Part of the reason yoga isn’t making a dent in the American political system is that, well, quite simply, it’s an American political system. ”

    LOL! Have you ever been to India? Yoga ain’t done did diddly squat for their gubmint either.


  2. pure gold…. I am glad Holly took the time out of her haitus to answer your question and share with us. I especially love the suggestion to Oprah. I know she has done massive amount of good, but like too many celebrities and leaders they need to turn the cameras off, shut the fuck up, genuinely lose the ego, get real and
    connect with our brothers and sisters. This disconnect follows through the TV to the people sitting on their asses watching this shit who are too brainwashed to know what is really happening. Oprah is not gonna make everything be alright mmm kay.

    “We’re too busy fighting about whose God wins instead of focusing on achieving Universal consciousness of radical Love and self-acceptance that transcends the barriers we place in our minds between you and me and me and you” pretty much sums it up…….
    I hope Holly returns soon as we need the influence of people like her around for whats ahead….


  3. This is an excellent article, great read and well thought out, even though Im not American I live in Trindad and Tobago and I feel this is pertinent to many other countries in the globe we all exist in. I have wondered quietly the very same title of the article for many years ever since I started yoga. Great insight and keep the articles coming.


  4. Holly, this is a great essay that begins where I left off. Guess I was in a pretty cynical mood when I asked the original question and I appealed to Linda’s cynical side in posting it! I actually love the word “suck” because it implies the huge energy drain that sometimes occurs.

    You make so many astute observations. The one I am walking away with is that we are called to heal. That’s it. Pure and simple. And as someone who lays hands on people for a living, I know that healing can’t be predicted, can’t be imagined, can’t be mandated. I never know how/if the healing will occur, how it will be expressed, felt, lived. But I continue with the work.

    Oprah, Deepak, Shiva, Stevie, and even John Friend have their own callings as well. I hope they are answering their calls to the best of their abilities.

    Look forward to reading more from you.


  5. Thank you for touching on all the important issues – the politics, the health system (more the lack of it actually!) and the significant divisions within the United States. Yes, I completely agree with you on the need to get closer to nature and understand it rather than the scientific quest to overpower and control it ! But most of all, Thank you Linda for giving me confidence that I can be both American and Hindu without compromising one for the other. More about this on my blog soon!


  6. “Yoga is still very much a white person’s extra curricular endeavor in America.”

    Make that middle-middle class to upper-middle class extra curricular endeavor because you yoga teachers charge so much.

    “Until the West removes the Western goggles”

    The East needs to remove their Eastern goggles as well then.

    “Americans have much to learn from the rest of the world, especially our brothers and sisters in the East about how to honor the sacred in every day life and how to live – simply, beautifully, peacefully, with reverence for the Divine.”


    “the old patriarchal paradigm shall crumble. ”

    If you really want to experience patriarchy, go live in India, the land of yoga, not in an ashram or resort but with a family, for a good solid 5 years without leaving.

    My hunch is you wouldn’t last a month.

    “And men best get a move on embracing their Divine Feminine and honoring and healing the Mother wound. ”

    But women don’t need to get a move on and embrace their Divine Masculine?

    How about if women embrace their Divine Feminine and men embrace their Divine Masculine? Would that work?

    “I wore many hats before I realized I was born to blaze my own trail in this world and be a messenger of hope, healing, and peace a world gone asunder, to live my life according to God’s will for my life, not mine. I am here to help build a bridge between the haves and the have nots, the yogis and Christians, the Arabs and Jews, black and white and all the colors in between. Walls must come down”

    Aren’t you a special snowflake!

    This entire piece reads like a narcissist’s wet dream.

    The white woman’s burden – saving the world.


    1. I’m sure others will have comments to add, but IMO….

      I agree that yoga is a middle class/upper middle class thing. However, before you go judging, Holly teaches to the underserved populations who would never have access to yoga, as do I. As for yoga teachers charging too much, then I guess you could explain why my income from yoga is considered at the poverty level?

      Having been 6 times to India and planning my 7th trip, my shortest stay being for one month, I would have to say that yes, America could learn a few things from India and vice-versa.

      As for the white woman’s burden comment (“saving the world”), I remember when white Catholic priests would march at the front of the line with blacks in the Civil Rights movement in the ’60s. When white people, male and female, would sit with black people at the lunch counters in the South where black people could not be served. I also remember when white men were killed in Mississippi for being “Northern agitators” for the civil rights movement in the South.

      So it ain’t all women — it’s everyone’s burden to “save the world.”

      Know your history before you comment. and know that this blog does not feed trolls.


    2. @ Eastern Fetish – Well, you voiced your rude opinion and hurled accusations at Linda. Done ? Now, close your eyes, sit in the lotus posture and breathe! Believe me, you can. Its not that difficult. And here’s the secret -‘You need it’ !!


  7. hi Linda, I’ve been thinking some more about this, a lot, as it’s something that concerns me too. So here goes,

    Our human nature has evolved to want things now and fast, because we can in fact have that. Replicating a reference from you Linda, it’s McWay we’ve been iConditioned. The majority don’t have the patience, perseverance and attention that’s required for the journey of enlightenment. People what to see what the end result looks like and a guarantee that they’ll ‘get there’.

    An attitude of Catholicism prevails in that it’s ok to sin, because God will forgive. The 10 Commandments clearly state’s the accordance in which you are meant to live your life, as do the Yamas and Niyamas. Many people who teach and practice are not being true to the path. They do any of the following; drink excessively, smoke, take drugs, eat junk, are mean to people, have no regard for the environment – the list goes on. But, they go to yoga or have become yoga teachers (since some TT courses are pretty close to being an iPhone app) so, it’s all good, right? John Friend is the perfect example of the type of person who should not be a teacher/leader. Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. A lot of people in the yoga realm have piped up in his defence, saying we should acknowledge him and the situation with an attitude of compassion and forgiveness. He didn’t just make one mistake or error of judgement, he’s been living a life of narcissism while preaching about being in alignment with divine grace.

    I came across a blog recently by a yoga teacher in the US, who shall remain unreferenced, who openly said she drives a truck all day from classes to clients (“yes, I said truck and I’m making no apologies to the environment about it. I love it and use it for practical purposes all the time!”), and bragged about downing shots of whisky with a friend before hitting the town for a night out. Her attitude was “I am who I am, but I teach yoga so the rest of you can just suck it”. I’m following her purely from a voyeuristic standpoint.

    Yoga is to be worked into your life in whatever way works for you as there are many folds, but the fundamental guidelines and intentions aren’t refractory. That purpose is to become a better human being and if enough of us participate fully, ultimately we create a better humanity. I think a lot of people have misconstrued yoga’s essence of accommodating the individual, with picking and choosing what you want to apply on any given day, and the rest can be ignored. Then “I’ll go to practice and redeem myself”.

    A teacher once said to me (the one I mentioned in my ‘The Business of Yoga: Outsourcing of Tradition’ post) that he personally didn’t feel that humanity is ready to evolve. That technology and modern advancements have actually hindered this process and we are pre-adolescent in the scope of what is required to reach enlightenment. I want him to be wrong.


    1. @ Warriors & Goddesses,
      “……..didn’t feel that humanity is ready to evolve. That technology and modern advancements have actually hindered this process and we are pre-adolescent in the scope of what is required to reach enlightenment. I want him to be wrong.”

      I don’t agree with him at all. It might seem so at the surface. But well hidden, deep within, are many many individuals, even groups, that are working towards a more enlightened society. What is unfortunate is that they aren’t apparent to the youth that is making choices today. I think it is our collective responsibility to bring as many to the fore as we can, so that the youth that is the future can make more responsible choices.


      1. I agree with what you are saying…. it’s just overwhelming sometimes. This teacher did present to me as if he had given up, lost faith. I’m slowly finding my community of like-minded and intentioned people. Thanks for your supportive words.


  8. to the commenter who shall remain nameless: your comments were nothing more than America and American bashing. and this blog does not feed TROLLS.


  9. If yoga is 16 million people-wide in America, then it’s approximately a foot or two deep in most parts of the country, yeah? Just from what I’ve seen, read and heard, of course.

    I do know of pockets in the US where this is far from true. But these pockets are rare, for sure.

    Yoga is meant to be about transformation and I guess that’s what you’re asking – if there’s 16 million people doing yoga and there’s no en masse transformation, then what’s going on? What are people really doing? What are the teachers really teaching?

    The whole thing about transformation/enlightenment/healing is that they are all one and the same thing. And you can’t get anywhere if you’re still not being honest with yourself for starters. For most people, that’s hard enough.

    We only have to look at the whole John Friend thing to see (as most of us can) that even with time off for reflection, JF and those senior teachers who enabled him STILL can’t tell themselves – or anyone else – the truth. Unadorned and unembellished.

    Real healing, real truth, honesty, love, acceptance and all that stuff… as some of us already know, it takes time and a truckload of hard work. In other words, it takes more than turning up to an asana class with the right pants on and being able to master headstand in order to get down to the nitty gritty of the gritty that holds the stuff most people try their best not to look at.

    Contrary however, to what some of the others have been saying above, I DON’T think yoga teachers have to be perfect in order to teach yoga. BUT I do think we have to be working on our stuff, and there needs to be obvious/noticeable (to yourself and others) results to all this work.

    My own very special teacher has often said – “Lie to me if you have to but please don’t lie to yourself”.

    Of course, it wasn’t until my entire life really and truly fell apart that I realised the depth of my own self-deception in big and little ways. It aint easy. And that’s why things still suck. Because no one wants to really do the hard work unless they have to. Because it’s hard…


    1. love this comment, svasti!

      I am the first to admit that I am very far from perfect, but as someone long ago once told me, I tear the truth apart down to its roots, unflinchingly. that’s why I don’t run in a big crowd, I’m an acquired taste. and from what I see, in my experience, is that people love to talk the yoga talk, but when it comes to Truth with a capital T, that’s another story. I told my students last week: REAL YOGA is about commitment, if you don’t want to commit, don’t waste my time and your money. fortunately my students always get it.

      if something ain’t changing for you off the mat, it ain’t yoga. pure and simple.


  10. Thanks for this enjoyable read, which was posted to Human Empowerment on LinkedIn. I came here to see what was being posted (doing the routine “Promotions” check up). Glad I stopped by.

    As you have pointed out, and I gather other folk in the comments have touched on… I will say that in my observation there are not 16 million people in America practicing Yoga (not in its fullest sense). As a non-American it was an education for me to discover what was being referred to as “Yoga” in America. In fact, I went through a similar, although less contrasting, education in the world in general when I stepped out of my private practice of Yoga at home and started looking further afield for Yoga in the world.

    A lot of what I have come across is what I might describe as a possible preparation for Yoga, and plenty appears to simply be some form of elaborate exercise routines with a little intentional breathing mixed in here and there. It is hard to share this observation without sounding condescending, but I don’t in fact have a condescending view of these observations. We are all doing the best we know how based on where we are presently at in our spiritual realization. I don’t see any good/bad or right/wrong about it. I mean one could equally ask, with a reported 2+ billion Christians in the world today, why is there so much war, signs of inadequate forgiveness, us-against-them mentality, etc.? If we add all the other major religions to the tally, most of humanity (around 80+%) is reported to be involved in one religion or another. All the major religions I am familiar with share a similar message of goodwill toward others, forgiveness, not stealing, not killing, not raping, doing unto others as one would want done to oneself, being kind, etc.. So why is the world not the picture of Peace one might expect?

    Again, it is one thing to be a member of a religion, and another to actually have direct experience of religiousness (means Union, aka. Yoga). Are these 6+ billion religious adherents at fault? Some might say so. Or is this apparent world chaos simply the manifest quantum soup out of which a new level of order will arise? Like a Phoenix rising from the chaotic flames and ashes of the trans-formative fire.

    Taking a deeper look at just one religion, say Christianity, what does one find? Simply put much of the Christian faith is what I would describe as a relatively crude or spiritually immature/childlike understanding of the metaphysical and mystical aspect of Life. It’s not particularly sophisticated… especially when we start taking the Bible literally, and believing that dinosaur bones were placed on Earth by Satan to trick Christians into doubting their religion and its notion that the Earth was created a few thousand years ago.

    I see the Bible as a best attempt (some thousands of years ago) at putting ineffable spiritual mysteries into a crude and simple form the relatively unconscious messes could contend with and at least try to understand. Even if they end up misunderstanding the essence, so long as they feel like they do understand then there is a chance the religion will be appealing and find acceptance among We the People. If a few less people steal and kill, etc., as a result… well, the world is a better place (even if only marginally so). Fast forward a few thousand years and yes, I think it does beg the question, “Are we really taking this long for our understanding of Life and spirituality to evolve beyond the crude form presented to us all those thousands of years ago?” It seems we are.

    Bringing this back to Yoga… it’s really only been in the West, on masse, for a couple of decades at the most. And yes, many (perhaps most) of the people practicing it have yet to really discover and experience what it is truly about. That evolutionary jump beyond body consciousness, to pranic or energy consciousness is a small yet significant step that still eludes many. I’ve met plenty of long term yoga practitioners who have not yet made that jump… and in fact many who haven’t yet got to the cliff edge. I say this with no discredit to them. None at all. Life is what it is.

    Yet what about the leap from pranic awareness to illuminating the Mind (manomaya kosha)? Let along the all-knowing Wisdom body, and the Bliss body that brings us so close to Source. An accomplished Yogi I know and studied under used to ask in classes from time to time, “Who here has experienced bliss”. He told me that rarely, if ever, would a hand go up. What surprised him was that most of the people coming to his (relatively rare) classes were highly experienced yoga practitioners. He found this perplexing and wondered what they had been practicing all those years (even decades).

    Is there something “wrong” in this picture?

    Not in my map of the world. It’s all part of the Perfection, whoever slowly it appears to be unfolding, I’d say it’s actually moving along at an increasingly fast pace. Let us remember we (us and our close ancestors) live in the last fraction of a second in the evolutionary year of the Cosmic Calendar ( Changes are happening FAST! It all depends on the scale with which we measure time.

    Of course, those of us who have a sense of urgency for global awakening (or even just a world where most people are kind to themselves and one another most of the time) are part of the picture. We’re like the catalytic enzymes pushing for faster reactions in the collective mind.

    “This country is very much still enslaved to its own ideas about the way things were, the way things should be, who we are as a country and what we stand for anymore.” This likely applies to the world in general. In my experience America is behind in some areas, and ahead in others, and over all the world is becoming more conscious. Slowly, but surely, and faster every day.

    Again, thank you for your thought provoking article and your passion for human liberation.

    With heart,



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