What I Do

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg

Yes, it’s true.  My first public OM was in 1973 with Beat Poet and Buddhist, Allen Ginsberg, at one of his poetry readings.     

At this stage in my life I’m a traveling yoga teacher (although not as much as I would like so you can help me out on that.)  I offer workshops and retreats and I’ve even taught in Africa — I brought yin yoga to the Arusha, Tanzania yoga community in 2010.

If you think you’d like what I have to offer — an eclectic mix of yin and yang yoga (slow flow vinyasa) flavored with the Indian masala spice of the Krishnamacharya tradition with a dash of Buddhadharma — please contact me.  I love meeting new students and teaching to new yoga communities.

I’m global, baby!