here comes the surya

(original upload by omtapas)

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.
–Elvis Presley

The wisdom of the Buddha and Elvis….what more could you want in a yoga blog?

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river of love

Photo by omtapas, 2010, Krishna River, the Lord of Love. from Piduguralla to Malkangiri (Orissa)

in om’s words: “I start at 6:30am and after maybe one hour I reach the Krishna River. There is no bridge so I have to wait for the little ferry to reach my side and then the other side. My energy level on those first two days is incredible, I feel as if I am in complete love and that I will see my beloved one at Malkangiri.”

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Photo by omtapas, 2010. Taken at Malkangiri Lake in Orissa, India.

The photo says peace and serenity. In om’s words: “the picture is a nice reflection of Peace to meditate on.”

A picture of shanti for Sunday.

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Photo by omtapas, 2010. taken in Andhra Pradesh, India

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retro India

Thanks to Nadine I found some cool software that is a free download.
If you love the retro look of old Polaroids, say hello to PolaDroid!

It’s addicting but fun! Enjoy!

(37 more day ’til Ma India!!)

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look at this child

this was one of those serendipitous moments when my auto rick stopped and this boy came out from his hovel in the alley to look at me, and then smiled. notice that he is playing with garbage and then think of your own child.

this photo that took all of 3 seconds to shoot says a lot. it was one of those fortunate moments in india. not because I got a perfectly framed shot of a boy living in an alley and a half-hidden girl that in itself makes a statement, but because when you connect eye to eye it changes you forever. and I am grateful for that.

the rickshaw pulled away just as he was about to take 10 rupees from my hand.

two reasons why I love india

because of the kids I meet…

slum children in Madurai…all they asked for was to have their picture taken and then to see it on my camera.

and signs like the one below…

I’ll take one snake, please