crosstown traffic

here’s another video for y’all to check out — I love embedding these videos!

this is called “crosstown traffic” — turn on your speakers and you’ll hear the Jimi Hendrix song as a soundtrack while you check out the Chennai traffic and the street scenes that I experienced everyday…note the women construction workers helping with excavating dirt from the huge hole in the street — the dirt is carried on top of their heads…and we westerners throw our backs out making the bed…hmmmmmm….

this was shot in the back of Suresh’s rickshaw by Scott, who was a student at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in 2005 before I was there. Scott gave me Suresh’s telephone number and the rest is history.

Funny how life is all about the connections we make…
I “met” Scott online before I got to India when I was googling around looking for information on KYM and I came across his first blog In Search of Darshan. His second blog, Scott’s Thotts, is posted in the links, so check him out. Maybe one day we’ll meet in person. He quit his real job to teach yoga full-time…..FOOL! only kidding, Scott…by the way, thanks for Suresh’s number and this video!

I can see from this video that I picked the wrong month to go to KYM — the guys in my class weren’t as good-looking as the ones in the back of this rickshaw…

so click play and enjoy!

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