Crone power!

Standing Women

A book for any woman who thinks she can’t save the world…”Sharon Mehdi has been prodded by spirit several times in her life to make what she calls journeys of faith….”

I love that phrase “prodded by spirit.” As Sri Krishnamacharya said, “yoga is about life.”

Crone Chronicles

“Crone” is identified as the third aspect of the ancient Triple Goddess: Maiden/Mother/Crone. Crone symbolizes the wisdom present in a woman of any age, but which usually becomes stronger as she grows older….

The patriarchal culture’s valuation of the female is based on the youthful beauty of her bodily appearance, her ‘image.’ By this measure, the older a woman becomes, the less she is valued….”

Does anyone see a theme here? NEVER underestimate the power of the older woman!

Those of you with blogs probably already have a “site meter” where you can check to see who reads your blog. I usually check on the location of my hits and today I found the search criteria “women n@ked yoga pictures” from San Francisco, California. That’s not the first time that someone has searched for “n*ked yoga” or “n%ked yoga woman”!

Let’s have some artfully done photos of n*ked yoga crones of a certain age a la Calendar Girls! Imagine the expressions on the faces of the searchers for n*ked yoga pics when they get an eyeful of a 75 year old n&ked yoga crone who is not ashamed of her body…:)

they’re not NAKED YOGA BABES, but for all guys googling for “NAKED YOGA”, “NAKED YOGA CHICKS”, “SKINNY YOGA CHICKS”, “HOT YOGA BABES” or some variation thereof, here ya go! take a good look, boys! C’mon guys, show these dudes your downward facing dogs! kisses!

One thought on “Crone power!

  1. an email from a lurking friend….“Your post was great. I have wondered why we womanknow, just know, this secret wisdom we share in ouraging, but still value what once was in our youth. Iwouldn’t go backwards for anything. Even for a perkychest, butt, skin…”


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