n*ked yoga

Since I am very curious by nature (some would say nosey), I check every day on the location of my readers. For those of you who don’t know, many blogs have a site meter that allows the blogger to see exactly how someone finds their blog and where they are in the world. I’ve started to notice how many people — I’m assuming men, or is that sexist? — from around the world do an internet search for “n*ked yoga” or some variation thereof and find this blog! I’ve only used the word “n&ked” in five posts and never wrote about “n%ked yoga”. I used the word in a post about ayurvedic massage, in reference to hippies, and wrote about Shiva babas at the Kumbh Mela in India, all of which are innocent enough.

I’m no prude, but all these searches are beginning to creep me out and from now on, any time I type the word “n#ked”, it will be typed with a character in it, and not the full word. In fact, I am going to go through my blog and retype each and every instance of the word “n&ked”, just like the way someone types their email address using the word “at” instead of @ to keep spammers away from their email addresses. Well…let’s say I will do that for all except one recent post, and you will probably be able to figure out why….:)

OK, I get the fascination with looking at n*ked pictures of whoever, but why “n#ked” and “yoga” together, lately and so often? Maybe someone can explain this to me?

Here are some of the latest searches during the past two days via Google and Yahoo:

“n&ked yoga women” from Pensacola, Florida

“n*ked yoga fitness center Chicago”, location unknown

“n%ked yoga” from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“n*ked picture of Tamil actress” from Oman. According to Wikipedia “even though Oman is a modern country, western influences are quite restricted. The Ibādī form of Islam is also conservative like Sunni Islam and Shi’a Islam. About 75% of Oman is Muslim…” hmmmmm….and that dude found MY blog?!?

“n#ked yoga girls pics” from Arroyo Grande, California

“n%ked yoga pictures” from Kingston, Illinois

And this is just from the last two days. I’ve been keeping track of my hits since January.

Get a clue, guys — we know where you are!

6 thoughts on “n*ked yoga

  1. Hi,I am actually writing to let you know I have added you as a link to my blog as I love your posts..And yes its amazing what people search for and what they find!


  2. This definitely gives me the heebee geebees. Looks like inserting a symbol is a great solution! thanks for sharing that tip. I was giggling about the fact that I did a post about toilets and now google is displaying toilet ads on my blog.


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