support a one-woman yoga business

I want to give a shout-out to Jean of

She’s a one-woman business who makes a totally awesome yoga mat bag. I can attest to how great this bag is because I took it with me on my first trip to India. What’s great about it is that it converts to an ergonomically balanced back pack and it holds lots of stuff so you don’t need to drag a purse along with you to the studio. The bag pictured is sold out, but there’s a great sale going on right now for the camouflage color that is remaining. Jean told me that her goal is to get going with a new line using recycled soda bottle fabric.

Jean also sells yoga-inspired bandanas with new designs that are way cool — I always take a bunch with me to India. Jean says, “my goal is to print on light weight organic cotton. In order to do that I need lots and lots of orders to meet minimum yardage requirements and ensure fair pricing….”

So check out Jean’s company and support a USA-made, eco-friendly, one-woman yoga products business. You’ll create lots of positive karma for yourself!


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