"pretty sky"

I agree with my gal pal in India, Sirensongs, that Arabic is one of the most visually beautiful written languages in the world. It was her latest post that turned me on to Reem’s blog, My Name in Arabic.

Reem was kind enough to translate both my names into Arabic. The first image is Sama which is my Buddhist name. Sama is the same in Sanskrit or Pali, meaning “harmony” or “equanimity”. The second image is Linda which is a Spanish word for “pretty”.

Reem wrote me that Sama sounds like the Arabic word for “sky”. I like that — very much. It reminds me of the title of a Buddhism book, Losing the Clouds, Gaining the Sky….which is what happens when we meditate and still the fluctuations of the mind. We lose the clouds (thoughts) and gain the expansiveness of the open and aware mind (the sky.)

Another fine example of the beauty of Arabic script is Scott’s tattoo pictured in his blog post The Writing on My Arm. Scott is an another American ex-pat living in Chennai. You can check out his excellent blog, Trailing Technology, in the side bar listed under Cyberpals. He might have a little trouble going through security now at U.S. airports, but what the hell, it’s a cool tattoo.

If you would like your name translated into beautiful Arabic script, email Reem.

Salaam aleikum



4 thoughts on “"pretty sky"

  1. Thanks a lot for featuring me on you blog, Linda-Sama. I appreciate it a lot.And sure enough, would anyone want to see their names in Arabic, please send me an email.🙂


  2. I’ve taken Refuge in both the Theravadan and Mahayana Buddhist traditions. When I took the Precepts in the Theravadan tradition, the monk gave us dharma names and for some strange reason, he said that he saw “harmony” in me….:)So my dharma name is Sama!


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