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Here’s the video that has gotten over 1,000,000 hits already on YouTube, the “Inappropriate Yoga Guy”. Today’s Chicago Tribune ran the New York Times’ story about “yoga dating” that used the Inappropriate Yoga Guy as an example.

I don’t know about yoga classes anywhere else, but out here in White Bread (Mostly Republican) Suburbia in the far western suburbs of Chicago, I don’t see guys like this. In fact, I see very few men in the yoga classes at the studio where I teach, and the ones that do come are certainly not SNAGs — Sensitive New Age Guys. The men who come to classes are usually older (mid-40s to 60s) and move like blocks of concrete. They can barely move so I really don’t think they come to yoga looking to pick up hot yoga babes. These guys are more concerned about making it through a 90 minute flow class without throwing their back out, forget about a hot date.

Even the few guys (average age 19-22) who enroll in my yoga class at the community college aren’t looking to pick up yoga chicks. At least that’s what they tell me when I ask on the first day, “who’s in this class because you think it’s an easy A or you think it’s a good place to meet girls?”. Yes, I really do ask that question on the first day, quasi-facetiously. I have more students looking for an easy A. And let me tell you, sometimes these young dudes aren’t in any better shape than 60 year old men. Uttanasana with palms on the floor? That’s about as realistic as a date with Lindsey Lohan for these boys.

Maybe it’s different in places like California or New York. I only go to one studio in Chicago and the class I go to rarely has men in it. So the whole idea of “yoga dating” is a foreign concept to me. Frankly, even though I don’t look my age, I’d fall over in shock if a guy looked twice at me anymore, whether in a yoga class or on the street.

As for men in general being into yoga, I can count the number I know on one hand. Again, I can only relate this to the area where I live, but I don’t know of any women yoga teachers (or students) whose husbands/boyfriends do yoga. OK, I know one teacher whose husband takes my yin class, but that’s about it.

So how ’bout it, readers? “Inappropriate Yoga Guy” — fact or fiction?

7 thoughts on “inappropriate yoga guy

  1. I’ve personally never seen anyone like this at yoga classes in Dallas. There are actually quite a few men, but, like myself, mostly 40s-60s and as you described, “move like blocks of concrete”. It wouldn’t surprise me one day to see someone like this, but I think it must be fairly rare, given how stupid one would look in such an intimate setting. Perhaps it is more common in the larger studios in places like L.A. and N.Y.Namaste,Mike


  2. I often take it for granted that my 50-year-old husband is a long-time yogi like I am, and that our spiritual interests over our 22-year marriage have been in close alignment. He’s (for the most part) a grounded, masculine guy who works as an engineer. He starts every morning with yoga and meditation and still stands on his head. Reading your post made me mindful and grateful for him! He’s a delight to live with.


  3. You are a very lucky woman. As a yoga teacher, I know more than a few yoga teachers whose husbands are not supportive and just don’t “get” what their woman is into.


  4. I live in CA and travel to NY quite frequently. In my experience, one out of every 5 students is male and the ones I’ve seen are working hard and focused on keeping up with the class rather than picking up the yogini next to them. I enjoyed several chuckles from the video. Thanks for sharing.


  5. In Portland and Minneapolis there have been plenty of men of various ages, goals and abilities in my classes. I haven’t ever seen anything awkward or inappropriate. That isn’t to say that men (or women) don’t pursue social opportunities with other students, but never in the classroom.


  6. FACT! he lives in Santa Monica…his twin is in Topanga Cyn…..there are several guys like that around Yoga in SoCal as well as in “Zen Dance” and Gabrielle Roth style dance classes…I call them Ooooey Gooey and do my best to keep them away without having to be too aggressive.Grace


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