i’ve been published…

…well, kinda sorta…

Sindhu AKA Flower Girl of Flower Girl’s Rural India blog asked me to write about something that I experienced in India. She started a Travelogue section of her blog and I am honored to be the first one! I wrote about my most favorite India memory so far, the time I spent in Rameswaram. Please read more about my adventures in Rameswaram by clicking on “Kannen” or “Rameswaram” in the tag cloud.

Sindhu’s blog is one of the first entrants in my Blog Hall of Fame, so check her out.

Thanks, Sindhu, for asking me to post to your wonderful blog!

4 thoughts on “i’ve been published…

  1. No kinda sorta… you are published! And what a beautiful piece. I felt like I was there.I long to go to India. Thanks for sharing your visit so generously!


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