feel good friday

One of my all time favorite bands, The Band, with one of my all time favorite singers, Mr. Blue Eyed Soul himself, Van Morrison, in one of my all time favorite movies, The Last Waltz. And Robbie Robertson ain’t too shabby either…..

I have The Last Waltz DVD and I never get tired of watching it. When you see Van The Man’s performance, it’s incredible to realize that this was a time in his life when he had severe stage fright. I went to one of his concerts in the early ’70s at the great Auditorium Theater in Chicago and he did the entire concert with his back turned to the audience. A great performance just the same.

So kick into your weekend like Van The Man kicks it out at the end of Caravan.

and tell someone you love them.


One thought on “feel good friday

  1. Thanks for posting this! I love this video, too, and watching Van interact with The Band – so different from when he is playing with his own band. Van may not kick it out any more at his concerts, but he is still touring world-wide, and will be back in the US in December. On top of that, at age 62 he has two babies under the age of 2, one his first son born the day after Van turned 62. Fascinating man. . .Thanks again for posting this video of a great and memorable performance!


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