mantras and shoes

Tracy from A Lotus Girl wrote about the Tantric Heart Wheels and when I saw them I knew I had to get one. om mani padme hum is one of my favorite mantras and there are over a million mantras on microfilm contained inside the pendant. From the Tantric Hearts website:

“The Om Mani Padme Hum mantra is unique in its incredible potency in purifying karma and accelerating enlightenment realizations. Known by advanced yogis and Dharma masters to enhance siddhis (spiritual powers) it helps to uplift others from lower states, accumulate merit (good karma) and actualize the wisdom to realize enlightenment.

These sterling silver mani-wheel pendants are easily spun. With a flick of the finger they whir like a mini-tornado radiating blessings. Spinning a prayer wheel while intoning Om Mani Padme Hum imbues you and your surroundings with the expansive luminosity of Pristine Interconnected Non-duality. This is another way of saying that while spinning a prayer wheel you are practicing a profound Dharmic path that will help you realize the true essence of your natural mind – unlimited cognizance free of solidifications. At the heart of this Dharma practice is the ACCUMULATION OF MERIT (good karma) and the BLOSSOMING OF WISDOM. Prayer wheel pendants this powerful bestow extensive compassionate benefits to those openhearted enough to reap their fortunate karma.”

I ordered the one in the picture and I received it in within a few days. The picture does not do the pendant justice so if you love prayer wheels, order one because you won’t be disappointed. I think mine is beautiful and I will wear it in India.

and below are the shoes I am wearing with a sari I will wear to a wedding….

I made a good friend on my first trip in 2005 — she calls me “akka” which is Tamil for “older sister” — and she invited me to her son’s wedding. I am honored and very excited about it. it is not a Hindu wedding, but I will borrow a sari from my friend, or if she does not have one that matches my shoes, she said she will buy one for me to wear. my friend is taking me to a beauty parlor, will arrange for my hairdo, sari fitting, facial, makeup, and anything else I want. hmmmmm….not many Indian women have hair like mine — curly/coarse/frizzy/ringlet curls. we are also renting jewelery because I can’t wear a sari to an Indian wedding without the proper gold. I so wish I still had my pierced nose!

if I look awesome all decked out in a sari with lots of 22K gold and a bindi, you can bet I’m taking lots of pictures!

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