it’s the words, not the asanas

This is a video of a Chicago yoga teacher I know, Jim Bennitt. I’ve taken his workshops and he’s an excellent teacher — pure yoga and from the heart. Although he can twist his body into a pretzel, he is also humble. I need to see that humbleness first from a teacher in workshops — the showbiz yogis that are on all the yoga conference tours don’t impress me. Jim studies with Rod Stryker but I’ve told him that the way he teaches and what he talks about is right from Krishnamacharya, the Teacher of Teachers.

He has a beautiful practice in this video, but what he says about yoga is even more pertinent given the shootings at Northern Illinois University on Valentine’s Day.

salaam aleikum
so shall it be

2 thoughts on “it’s the words, not the asanas

  1. Thank you for sharing the video. It was a joy to watch Jim Bennitt’s practice. I’ve never seen anyone do such asanas. Yet, as you mentioned his words, the gentleness of his face, are the nicest thing of all.


  2. Wow! I remember reading an article about Jim in Yoga Chicago. It is so amazing to see him on a video sharing his wisdom. His poses are breathtaking. I agree completely with him–if everyone did yoga, the world would be at peace. Sarah


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