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I was overwhelmed when Vanessa of Vanessa:Unplugged! graced me with the “Spread the Love Award.” She said that I (among other bloggers) are “shining examples of bloggers who uplift and inform.” You are too kind, girlfriend!

Vanessa also received the award from another blogger and she writes about herself, “as one who started blogging without a plan or a niche or following any of the recommended steps and practices in the blogging process, I am honored when another blogger takes the time to recognize and appreciate what I post.”

I feel the same way. I started this blog in 2005 to write about my first trip to India and it’s morphed into something larger than that. I love that some of my posts have created lots of discussion about yoga, meditation, Buddhism, or social action, with no shortage of pithy comments from around the world. I just started a new blog where I will rant and muse about things other than yoga and India and time will tell how prolific I’ll be with that one. however, I guarantee that the posts will be just as pithy and passionate as they are here. now if only I can figure out how to get paid for my rants and musings I’d be set!

In keeping with the spirit of spreading the love, I am awarding the Spread the Love Award to Fran, Gartenfische, and Mike (who I wish would get back to writing, damn it!) I read many blogs but these bloggers were the first three who popped into my mind when I thought about bloggers who “uplift and inform.”

Once again, thanks to Vanessa, and thanks to all my readers. even though I have been miserable for the last 5 days with a vicious upper respiratory infection — two hospitals in two different countries in one month is too much for me, I’ve had my fill of doctors! — I think I will get up and dance to the Love Train…and check out Vanesa’s blog, y’all!

5 thoughts on “spreading the love

  1. Linda your generosity overwhelms me- but then again I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy, so those are good things.I think you so richly deserve this and I am honored that you would share this with me.Namaste!Shanti!Peace always- forever, enduring and beautiful peace!


  2. Also – so sorry about your health!! My goodness, you have really had a bout of it and enough is enough.Health and healing be upon you my sister!!


  3. Linda,You DO spread the love—it’s a beautiful thing.And thank you for sharing your well-deserved award with me—it means a lot.I hope you get over the yuck really quickly. I’m sorry you’re sick again. Peace and love.


  4. < HREF="http://festinalente-franiam.blogspot.com/2008/02/i-wont-say-much-music-will-start.html" REL="nofollow">Thank you<> for this!!


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