your true self?

what if you finally found your True Self…and didn’t like what you found?

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  1. dharma punk says:

    that’s funny. but also biting. i’m of two minds about ‘identity’, in the western sense…you can’t change your basic nature, who you are; but also we are always changing. aren’t we? hopefully evolving. placing myself on the buddhist path though, has also been a blessing & a curse when it comes to identity. contemplating nonego & impermanence is hopeful, freeing, but also confusing.


  2. Fantastic blog! We are always searching for ourselves and sometimes take turns we don’t expect.JJ 😀


  3. AdamZ Blog says:

    funny, and a little sad. My father had tried for years to make me get a degree in accounting. Even when I wanted to go to art school…makes me wonder if I’d meet an accountant when I get to Shambhala… 😦~Adam


  4. Brilliant! It was the other way round for me…


  5. Angie says:

    I feel like I’m on a journey to meet my true self. Evolving… becoming… falling backwards sometimes like yesterday when I lost my patience and was rude to someone I didn’t know…(yuck). I’m not sure that my journey will ever end. The cartoon is very funny. Reminds me that people often try to be what they’re not or have this idea what they think they should be.


  6. Linda-Sama says:

    and sometimes the journey never ends, at least in THIS lifetime, angie!I like that the cartoon has made people think!thanks to all for reading!


  7. Mike says:

    This cartoon is more true than most people realize. When the True Self is found, it is nothing like one expects. And profoundly more plain than one could imagine. Everyone is hoping for the “big blast”, when in fact, almost the opposite is what one finds.Fortunately, if we are open to what is there, we also find infinite peace in that simplicity.Peace and Love,M.


  8. Vanessa says:

    Funny and insightfull…


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