I do not drink at meditation retreats. really.

OK, I know I look like I had a few drinks or smoked a doobie, but I didn’t, I swear on Buddha’s teeth. I am with Sujatha, my teacher who named me Sama, and Jayson, another yoga teacher.

that really is NOT an Irish coffee!

photographic evidence that I really AM a yoga teacher! leading a gentle yoga class before the Thanksgiving meditation retreat

the woman in red really does NOT have pink arms growing out of her neck.

when my sweater fell off my shoulder this dude was checking out my tattoos when he should have been meditating. here he was caught telling me how nice they were. no, seriously, he was a nice guy, he just loved my shoulder…uh…tattoos. also photographic evidence that the lady in red does not have pink arms growing out of her neck. and I’m STILL not drinking Irish coffee from that cup! really.

just a day hanging out with those wild and crazy Buddhists!

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4 thoughts on “I do not drink at meditation retreats. really.

  1. Linda–you are such a beautiful person both inside and out!!!I tagged you on my blog tonight. Please stop by when you can grab a second.Peace & Love.


  2. you seem to have that teacher look. I don’t know what it is, maybe the smile, combined with the shawl and the necklace….but you remind me of one of my favorite art teachers, actually.


  3. You are so sweet as your words are! You surely are a teacher, The Yoga Teacher!love & PeaceSis


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