I’m a BlissChick!

Christine writes the fabulous blog, blisschick where she exhorts you to be the change and live your bliss. Those of you who are regular readers of this blog or my other blog know that I’m all for that!

Christine contacted me last year to ask if she could interview me to be her FIRST BLISSCHICK OF 2009. I was honored because her other BlissChicks are women who are much more accomplished and successful than I, at least in my humble opinion.

So here you go, you can read about me here. I loved the videos she included — one of my favorite Annie Lennox songs and the Indian dance.



The picture above is the Vajrayogini.

She embodies principally: (1) the fully enlightened female, wild, fiery, and energetic (shakti/kundalini) aspect of a Buddha; (2) the wisdom (= experiential) aspect leading to Buddhahood; and (3) as a principal dakini (Tibetan: mKha’ gro; “sky-goer”) the (com)passionate guiding and inspirational aspect leading the practitioner to enlightenment….Vajrayogini/Vajravarahi ranks first and most important among the dakinis. She is the “Sarva-buddha-dakini” the Dakini Who is the Essence of all Buddhas.”

Her other form called Kālikā is referred to as “the Fierce Black One.” The Hindu Goddess Kali is sometimes depicted with a black face so you can see how Kali and the Vajrayogini are related. They both wear a mala of skulls.

Upon seeing the eyes of Kali tattooed on my arm a Tibetan told me: “Vajrayogini, Kali, same energy, you, same.”

I like that.

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3 thoughts on “I’m a BlissChick!

  1. Fantastic Linda!You’re inspiring to me also. I’m on the early stages of my path to becoming a yoga teacher. And I know in the end I’ll be much happier doing that than I ever will earning more money but doing things I’d rather not.I love gardening as well… not that I’m much good at it but I find it very grounding – something this rather spacey yogini needs regularly. 🙂


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