dog face down

This is why my friends in India ask me whether I teach “real yoga” or “American yoga.”

Bonding With Their Downward-Facing Humans

“….Call it a yogic twist: Downward-facing dog is no longer just for humans.

Ludicrous? Possibly. Grist for anyone who thinks that dog-owners have taken yoga too far? Perhaps. But nationwide, classes of doga — yoga with dogs, as it is called — are increasing in number and popularity. Since Ms. Caliendo, a certified yoga instructor in Chicago, began to teach doga less than one year ago, her classes have doubled in size.

Not everyone in the yoga community is comfortable with this.

“Doga runs the risk of trivializing yoga by turning a 2,500-year-old practice into a fad,” said Julie Lawrence, 60, a yoga instructor and studio owner in Portland, Ore. “To live in harmony with all beings, including dogs, is a truly yogic principle. But yoga class may not be the most appropriate way to express this….”

Dog Face Down is what one of my students called Downward Facing Dog.

I feel sorry for the spaniel in the middle — he looks scared and his owner looks a bit intense. Put that dog down and step away from the mat, lady!

Can you do this with your Great Dane? The mind reels.


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9 thoughts on “dog face down

  1. I love animals, but sometimes the overly-enthusiastic animal owners remind me of stage moms. Is an animal happiest being lifted around in yoga poses or being dressed up or having it’s nails painted pink? Or would he be happier if someone threw him a stick in the backyard?People who do animal shows are another peeve of mine. Some of the animals look so unhappy, and are not allowed to do typical animal things because they might get dirty. Every now and then, a cat goes completely nuts. Well, yeah, cats aren’t big on being carted around in cages with strangers looking in on them, being held up to be photographed, etc. Let a cat be a cat!As for fad yoga, as a new student, I just keep looking past that sort of thing. I think it would distract me from the journey I’m on, and honestly, it seems more than a little silly to bring a pet to yoga. But to each his own, I suppose.


  2. Hehe! Makes me laugh! The hound and I do doga…I lift up his hind legs and he stretches. That’s it. No class. No mat. We then play fetch!


  3. This is one of those situations where I keep trying to think to myself “different strokes for different folks” instead of thinking YOU ARE ALL WEIRDOS. I guess I’m still a good distance away from enlightenment.


  4. This seems counterproductive. And wouldn't it increase your chance of pulling a muscle? Having to hold this 10 pound squirming dog as your bend in certain ways? It sounds like a recipe for a thrown back–not relaxation.


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