I had a dream that not one person signed up for my Yoga Adventure in Africa, not one person from either here or in Tanzania. not. one.

I also dreamt that my nose stud fell out while I was sleeping. In the dream I went to look for it and when I picked it up it wasn’t my diamond, but a diamond-shaped, faceted piece of large, cloudy plastic. In the dream I touched my nostril and where the stud had been was a hard red bump. The dream seemed so real that when I woke up this morning I touched my left nostril to see if my piercing was still there.

Unlike other people, I rarely remember my dreams, and the ones I do remember are always disturbing ones.

Maybe it signifies that all my diamond dreams will turn to shit and I am nothing but a cheap fake. The feelings that I will die in India are becoming stronger.

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11 thoughts on “dreamin’

  1. maybe and maybe not.
    maybe you will die embraced in the arms of Mother India at a ripe old age full of happiness.
    maybe it was just a dream.
    maybe and maybe not
    but i do know that your heart and mind are full of love and compassion and that my friend is a certainty!


  2. Funny . . . when I'm under stress, I always dream about my nose stud falling out, too!! Dreams always manifest themselves as our deepest worries. I think it's almost theraputic to get them out of the way in that form, so that reality is always so much better!


  3. “when I'm under stress, I always dream about my nose stud falling out”

    wow. that's interesting.

    I'm sure Freud would say it has something to do with sex!

    thanks for reading!


  4. You know, of course people will come to your Yoga in Africa adventure! If I had money, I'd definitely go. I'm sure there are others who do in fact have $ and can make it…

    I wonder if your nose stud thing is similar to the anxiety-driven/teeth falling out dream?

    Or whether, because its an external and probably important part of your self-image… you are in fact finding your view of your self-image dismantling?

    What you're planning is big. Huge. Its a dream. And its weird and scary when dreams start coming true. And sometimes discomforting too.

    Freud was a penis-obsessed dude, he would say anything/everything is about sex!

    P.S. Will promote your African trip on my blog. Not sure how much good that will be. And share it on my wall on FB. 🙂


  5. I know, sis…even in this economy there are still people with disposable income. I really went back and forth on offering this, I was in fact invited to teach there, but I thought I would offer it to American yogis.

    like they say, if you're going to dream, dream big.


  6. Oh the anxiety dreams! they really can create shit and havoc on the psyche. Many years ago when I was about to take my licensing exam I had a running dream that I showed up for the exam prepared but with only 15 minutes left to complete a 4 hour test. I was always naked from the waist up and didn’t realize I was the only bare breasted person in the room until everyone was staring at me. I always woke up at that point. These dreams continued till I took my exam. Once I stood up to the anxiety by taking the exam I never had another bare breasted classroom dream again! Now I’m getting my doctorate in Freudian analysis and from my perspective you are having dreams which allow you to discharge your anxiety in a safe manner. This is healthy, not to worry. It’s all good!


  7. wow, Miss S, thanks for the dream analysis!

    a doctorate in Freudian analysis, huh? yikes, then I won't tell you about my other dreams! 😉

    I'm taking a class right now on Jungian theory!


  8. Hi Sis:

    So how is it now. It's actually two weeks, I'm getting back to know what's happening in the registration. How do you feel now. Does your dream still haunt you?

    If our thoughts and actions are selfless and is for the right purpose, then we shouldn't be worrying about the result. Let's keep going. You will find your lost stud in Africa.. Cheers!

    Luv & Peace
    Your Thankachi


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