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The Physical Therapy Assistant Schools have named their Top 50 Yoga Blogs for a Healthy Mind and Body. They divide the list into categories such as “Yoga Wisdom: Live the Life, Not Just the Lifestyle”; “Yoga Practice Blogs: Learn the Moves That Will Give You A Healthier Body and Mind”; “Understanding Yoga: Wondering What the Hype is All About?”; and “Yoga Stories and News.” This blog was named to the first category about living the life and not just the lifestyle: “Go with Linda on her journeys to India to study yoga and maintain mindfulness. Don’t expect any fluffy mumbo-jumbo – Linda is insightful, but frank.”

Tee-hee. “Insightful, but frank.” I like that because I’ve been called worse.

“Don’t expect any fluffy mumbo-jumbo.” Yeah, the physical therapists nailed it — if you’re looking for some peace-love-dove-connect-to-your-inner-butterfly yogaspeak, fahgeddaboutit. I’m an acquired yoga taste just like masala spice and South Indian sambar.

Other yoga blogs mentioned were Roseanne’s, Grace’s, and Brenda’s, to name a few, but no mention of Dork, who was named to this list, and no Dawg, who I am sure subscribes to Groucho Marx’s belief that he would not want to be a member of any club who would have him as member.

I was also named to the Top 100 Yoga and Meditation Blogs according to the X-Ray Technician Schools a while back, so I am curious: who are the people who determine these “best” lists and why are these schools doing it? Inquiring minds want to know.

OK, I guess I can drop the Rodney-Dangerfield-I-don’t-get-no-respect act. If me and Yoga Journal’s Yoga Buzz Blog are on the same top 50 list, I guess I’ve made it. Kinda.

I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. Now if only I could make a little dough from writing!

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9 thoughts on “top 50 yoga blogs

  1. this is a scary statement to write under as I hope I'm not trolling… and get myself in trouble here.
    I came upon your site and since I'm wanting to do more yoga in my physical life want to say hello Congrats on being in the top 100 yoga blogs. I hope to learn more here


  2. Congratulations, Linda. I've only recently explored the world of yoga blogs, expecting to find the mostly touchy-feely, navel-gazing, New Agey stuff. Wrong! At least in your case (and in a bunch of other pleasant surprises). I must read more about your studies with Desikachar, for I am interested in studying at his center in Chennai (as well as with the Iyengars in Pune).

    Best to you,
    Yoga Spy


  3. If it weren't for this post I wouldn't have known i was on the list, lol. I guess I'll have to go off my blog vacation sooner rather than later.

    I just came back from a touchy-feely weekend workshop. It definitely put me outside of my comfort zone (which is good to do now and then). Is it so bad to not like drawn out hugs with back rubbing from people you just met?


  4. “Is it so bad to not like drawn out hugs with back rubbing from people you just met?”

    no. I personally don't like that forced “community” — I think it's fake and inauthentic.

    it never fails to amaze me — at the Phoenix Rising training that I did, some of the people were “OH YES! PLEASE KEEP ME INFORMED OF YOUR WORKSHOPS AND AFRICA TRIP! HOW LOVELY! I WANT YOU TO COME DO A WORKSHOP AT MY STUDIO!”

    then I noticed those people were the first ones to opt out of my newsletter that I sent about my Africa trip.



  5. It looks like you're going be be a big star, Linda. Are you ready for all the bright lights and partying? Can I be in your entourage? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

    Bob Weisenberg


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