Friday’s yoga thought

“Daily Yoga practice may include Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation in proper proportion, so that the yoga diet is balanced.” Srivatsa Ramaswami

In this recent discussion of what yoga should have in order to be called yoga, who can argue against having a balanced diet?

Resources for mindfulness meditation practice: “Mindfulness meditation: The Shambhala Sun offers a diverse selection of teachings on mindfulness meditation, from the Theravada and Insight traditions of Buddhism.”

And here’s an oldie but a goodie: Killing Yoga’s Sacred Cows



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6 thoughts on “Friday’s yoga thought

  1. Hi, Linda.

    I like the “oldie but goodie” concept. This is really good for those of us who are relatively new to your wonderful blog. I hope you will continue to link and/or reissue your favorite writing from the past.

    Bob Weisenberg


  2. I just came across your blog searching about yoga and wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here. I say your site is nice! Keep up the great work, you are providing a great resource on the Internet here!


  3. Hope you enjoyed a beautiful Diwali! We had a small celebration at my yoga school and it was so nice to chant with others instead of just by myself. 🙂


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