it truly IS the Kali Yuga

The Kali Yuga: the “Dark Age” lasting 432,000 years…when avarice and wrath are common, rulers become unreasonable, cowards have the reputation of bravery and the brave are called cowards…and lies are passed out as truth.

“In the age of Kali, every virtue had been engulfed by the sins of Kali-Yuga; all good books had disappeared; impostors had promulgated a number of creeds which they had invented out of their own wit. The people had all fallen prey to delusion and all pious acts had been swallowed by greed….

In the age of Kali duplicity, perversity, hypocrisy, malice, heresy, pride, infatuation, concupiscence and arrogance etc. pervade the whole universe….

In the age of Kali there is no contentment, nor discernment, nor composure…Envy, harsh words and covetousness are rampant; while evenness of mind is absent….

Self-control, charity, compassion and wisdom disappear while stupidity and fraud multiply to a large extent. Men and women all pamper their body; while slanderers are diffused all over the world….”
(excerpts from the Tulsi Ramayana.)

As roseanne wrote, it sure does seem like the end of yoga as we know it….

I saw this over at YogaDork and shook my head. Just when you thought the commercialization of American Yoga couldn’t get any worse, eh?

Everything eventually comes full circle. I used to be a fitness instructor and saw things come and go. Is that tai-bo guy still around?

This is why I say the “new yogi” will be a “radical yoga traditionalist.”** Two teachers I consider radical traditional yogis are Paul Grilley and Mark Whitwell (uh, and me, too, because like Paul I’m a traditionalist but don’t mind killing yoga’s sacred cows on occasion.)

Yup, Playboy Yoga, no chanting and no Sanskrit for sure (but does she eat granola?). No clothes either, because you can download her naked yoga (which will be a boon for everyone who searches for “naked yoga” and hits on this blog post so knock yourself out.)

Talk amongst yourselves.


**“radical yoga traditionalist” concept originating here, comment #6. if that inspires you, then please give credit where credit is due. or else I’m calling Bikram’s lawyer regarding copyright.

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10 thoughts on “it truly IS the Kali Yuga

  1. This is all great fun, but I can't tell if you're serious about this Age of Kali stuff or just having more fun.

    Is this like a YogaDawg spoof?

    Or do you really think a woman doing Yoga in a magazine, even if naked, really equates to “duplicity, perversity, hypocrisy, malice, heresy, pride, infatuation, concupiscence and arrogance etc.” and the rest of the apocalyptic Kali vision?

    I dunno. What about Somalia, Afgahnistan, WW2, nuclear proliferation, Mexican drug wars, etc., etc.? Maybe these. But Yoga in Playboy? Don't give it a demonic power it doesn't possess.

    Bob Weisenberg


  2. I saw that in YogaDawg. It made me laugh. Just another way for weirdos to get off, I suppose. I can't count the number of times a male has said, “You do yoga? That's hot.” as visions of yoga pants danced in their heads.

    They're ridiculous. Those videos are ridiculous. But people are always going twist something around and manipulate it to fit their needs or make a buck. Just look at what people do with the words of the Bible or other religious texts. I just roll my eyes and keep on keeping on.


  3. like I said previously, I do my yoga, you do your yoga. one needs to keep doing what they're doing and not get sucked into the shit that's passed out as truth.

    like you, I've had more than a few “hot” comments thrown my way over the years because I am uber-flexible. I had to change my facebook profile pic because I had my leg over my head and I got porn emails about it. freaks.

    uh, yeah. I'm sure they checked out my pic because they wanted to learn more about yoga.

    I'm the original Cougar Yoga, right here, baby….oh wait. I need to trademark that phrase….


  4. So I read this and decided I needed to see for myself what was on offer over at playboy yoga. Once you get over there lots of woman are offering you things to do that have nothing to do with yoga. You can also move away from the yoga to other non yoga related material. Ok but I want to do yoga…. ah! click here. What are your qualifications? Playmate of the year 2007. Wow! I had no idea playmates needed to be certified in a yoga disciple! No wonder they always look so serine. Now what do I need to do? Click on a pose and Sarah (that's my yoga bunny teacher) will guide me through it. I click on warrior one because in my opinion it takes a lot of skill to do this asana correctly and I should get an idea of where she is at in her practice. The video is about thirty seconds. The instructions are technical with no modifications or alternatives. The instructor is not breathing therefore she is not telling her students to breath. She is overextended and wobbly from what little I could see of her because most of the camera shots were on her butt and boobs and thighs. Then it's over
    Poor form.


  5. I am one of Kali's own, as I know you are. BUT this is different from the Kali Yuga of course.

    One thing my guru always says about Kali Yuga is that its easier to get enlightented in this age because there are less people following the dharma. And so it's kind of like encouragement for those that do try. Or something.


  6. Falling in love with your blog! I came here from Babarazzi..miss them 😦 These videos are REALLY upsetting. Just close ups of her body. It’s so sickening how women are objectified through yoga.


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