pruning out the deadwood

photo ©Loba Landscapes, 2009

An oldie but a goodie that I think is appropriate for this time of the year….

Making Room for New Growth

Whenever I talk on mindfulness meditation (or mindfulness training as I call it now) I always throw out these questions:

how many of you are working on automatic pilot? are you so comfortable that you have become numb to the present moment?

“How much pruning do you need to do in your life? Are you strong enough to cut the deadwood out of your life no matter how painful it is?”

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One thought on “pruning out the deadwood

  1. Well Linda, since I am getting ready to move my home for the second time in a year, pruning the deadwood is an understatement. It is 11pm and I have just spent the last 2 hours sorting books. Yoga books for adults, yoga books for kids, yoga books for elephants, yoga dolls, yoga cards that go with the dolls. Yoga philosophy papers and posters I had to write to pass my Iyengar exams, yoga sutras, yoga pradipika, yoga DVD's, yoga CD's. I can't part with any of these as they ALL serve such a great purpose in my life and my work, BUT I did manage to come up with pile of about 50 other books, spiritual philosophy, vegan cookbooks, novels that I have read, digested and now can share with others. Thanks for the reminder though, tomorrow I tackle photos!!!


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