change is good

It was high time for a change and the original blog designer was nowhere to be found.

Thanks to Blisschick I learned that Blogger had new templates (where have I been?), and Svasti offered her design expertise. Eventually I figured it all out.

Yes, some of the words are a bit hard to read when they are on top of a bird image, but that is my way of focusing your awareness and concentration. Mindful reading. Frankly I find it much easier to read than blogs with black or very dark backgrounds with small light fonts — they make my eyes cross so I never read them.

Ever since my trip in general and my jump into the Ganges specifically, I have felt things rumbling and tumbling. This new look represents that. Flying birds have always represented freedom to me so they represent my flying to India and flying on my dharmic path. The butterfly in the title represents transformation, all that marinating and cooking. The eyes represent strong purpose.

I surprised myself that I liked all the white space because I love crazy, wild colors, the colors of India. My toenails are always painted hot pink or bright orange. A new me, a new look.

I have felt a need to move away from previous teachings and explore new ones on my next trip to India. I want to apply for the 2011 yoga therapy course at Yoga Vidya Dham. I want to return to the ashram in Haridwar and just BE, soaking everything up like a sponge.

My gut is telling me not to return to teaching in the college in the fall. This semester my friend took over the class for me and the seeds of not wanting to return to it were planted in India. Sometimes when a yoga teacher wants to quit it’s not where or what they teach it’s who they teach to. I feel like I’ve done my time with these kids, it’s time to move on for ME.

I started teaching a new class in a great space on my terms and I’ve caught myself wondering “but what about next year when I want to travel?”, but the next thought is an equal willingness to give everything up, no attachment. Somehow it is a deep knowing that everything happens when it is supposed to happen and I should be open to it, whatever IT is.

No attachments.

I would rather fail at the right things than succeed at things that are not right for me.

Practice-breath-practice-breath and all things are forthcoming.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this new look. The new you. Bravo! I'm such a fan.

    Harih Om


  2. babs says:

    Love the new look!


  3. roseanne says:

    beautiful, linda! nothing like a new blog look to reflect the changes happening inside.


  4. Gumbomum says:

    I love the new look too!


  5. Mahita Devi says:

    Love this new blog. Beautiful. It truly reflects change and transformation.

    Whenever I stop by I always feel like something has also changed or shifted within myself.

    Your level of honesty and insight is inspiring.


  6. svasti says:

    Nothing like a bit of change to bring on new life, new ways of thinking and being. I'm so happy that you're still in that churning mode. Something BIG is gonna work its way to you, I'm sure!


  7. Brenda P. says:

    It's so interesting to think about teachers serving students and students serving teachers. I think there's more back and forth than we probably want to admit. Good for you for allowing yourself to move on.

    And, wow, on the blog. I nearly fell off my chair when those eyes came up. I miss the red, but like you said, it is a bit easier to read (why I changed to white, too).


  8. Amy says:

    love the new look. change is good. antee amy


  9. Rui Umezawa says:

    I really like this new look, Linda! Suits you well.


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