ongoing saga: yoga ink!

You can read about the start of this new ink here.

Tattoos are like India — ya either love ’em or hate ’em, I don’t think there is any in-between. While Serena was setting up yesterday she told me about a dreamcatcher she was going to tattoo on the back of a guy’s head (obviously he’s bald.) The tattoo was also going to include a set of antlers coming up onto his scalp that would “hold” the spider web he already has. Hey, everyone needs a pair of antlers on their head, right?

Today I went for the second sitting and for some crazy reason I thought it would be finished today. I did not realize how complicated it is! Here it is, minutes after I got off the table, in all its raw glory — click on pic for a better view:

The staminal column (the official name for the inside of a hibiscus flower instead of having stamens, pistels, or filaments) is yellow but probably does not look like it because of the fresh blood. Also, the lotus petals inside the yantra are not as red as they appear, they are more pinkish but again, because of the blood the initial color will be different. More information that you want to know, I’m sure!

Of course, now the butterfly needs freshening up. Never ending…just like plastic surgery or so I hear!

(Tattoos by Serena)

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7 thoughts on “ongoing saga: yoga ink!

  1. I look at this and I wonder why oh why am I having such big commitment issues about my next one? I chickened out of the piece on my back, now I just don't know…
    I think the time isn't quite right. But I love yours!


  2. hey, nadine! I have a theory…#1, I've had tattoos since the late '70s so a lot longer than you AND #2, I'm a lot older than you…I know that younger people can be more hesitant sometimes (like I said, a theory!) to commit to permanent ink until, like you say, the time is right. At my age, my time is now, so to speak….;)

    I thought this one out for a while, but after my experience in the Kali temple in Kolkata, all systems were go! had to do it….

    as for me, I feel completed now! stick a fork in it, I'm done. I mean, tattoo-wise!


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