when yoga bloggers meet

Another successful yin-yang yoga workshop at the Chicago Yoga Center yesterday made even more special by finally meeting two cyber-yogis from the yoga blogosphere….Bob and Brooks. Always good to finally put faces to the online voices!

Yoga obviously makes us happy!

A big thanks to Brooks and Bob for your support of the yin-yang yoga dharma.

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  1. Linda expertly led an inspiring 3 hour blend of Yin, Vinyassa, and Buddhist meditation. My wife Jane and I loved every moment.

    Then we had the extra bonus attraction of three long time cyber friends getting together for the first time. A wonderful day. Thanks, Linda and Brooks.



  2. lilasvb says:

    i like to read your yoga's post


  3. Wow…like the major midwestern yoga blogger summit. Y'all oughta come east one of these days…


  4. cool pix! Which one are you?


  5. Linda-Sama says:


    I'm the yoga crone…..

    @Dr. Jay:

    find a studio that will host me and I'll come out east….


  6. Brooks Hall says:

    Thanks, Linda! Those pictures are fun to see! And I've been tired today, and it occurred to me that it might be related to the deep Yin work from yesterday… I had had a very vigorous day prior to the workshop so my body may have been extra-available to a deep cleanse.


  7. Isn't it awesome when that happens? I have met a good few of my readers too, and some of them are friends now. All thanks to the awesomess of the internetz.


  8. roseanne says:

    it looks like such fun! i hope i can be at the next workshop!


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