f*@k YOGA

“It is about being here, present, being the real you, and choosing to offer up that soft vulnerable you instead of some fake mock-up to the world with every breath and every movement. It’s about taking the harder path through troubled country that leads to honesty and true connection between souls on a basis of honesty and integrity that comes from the kernel of your being and not some idea of what Patanjali wants you to do or your guru wants you to do or what the crowd wants you to do, or even worse what you think they want you to do. It’s about questioning every concept in your mind and even when you use such limited restricted tools as concepts doing so with awareness that they present a map and not the territory.”

And people thought I was snarky when I wrote about Tara Stiles.  Not quite.

You can read Scott’s entire catharsis here.

I “met” Scott via the India travel website Indiamike when I was planning my first trip in 2005.  The Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram used to do their month long intensives twice a year back then, calling it “Universal Yet Personal.”  Scott attended the one before mine and he gave me the telephone number of the rickshaw driver he used, Suresh, whom I still use to this day.

Namaste and love and lite, y’all.

4 thoughts on “f*@k YOGA

  1. the key to the door without is to be found within, science of self development should be all about self until you feel you have developed enough to help others stay blessed.


  2. Nice to meet you Linda and even nicer to hear what you have to say. Maybe a bit too hard with poor pretty skinny Ms. Stiles, but you are definetely true. I’m almost a novice, with just a couple of years in Yoga but even if not for anything else it is enough to know what Yoga is not about. And Yoga is not about getting the perfect body, being extremelly cool, or being the sexiest thing around. It is not about exploiting the lack of self confidence of the people so that you can grow richer or more famous. It is not being a vegetarian for the next year since it is trendy. Even if I am still trying to discover what Yoga is about, what is sure is that it has nothing to do with all that.

    As for what Scott says it reflects the rage against what market is trying to make out of Yoga in western countries. Hardly a fashionable way of getting fit and consider yourself trendy in a sofisticated way. (Curious how what used to be considered weird becomes trendy).

    As for our dear Tara, I think it is a pity the way she has decided to follow. I suppose she will sell millions of copies of her book and of the trillion DVDs she will for sure record, but the price she is paying is too high. And I say it is a pity because I think she could make a good teacher. I have been following her for the last three or four years in i-tunes and she is very didactic and has a fresh style that makes it easy to follow her classes. And even the book, I have had a look at it and at least in what refers to asanas it is good in my opinion, as it is very clear. But the aproach to Yoga as a way to get slim and beautiful and have more and better sex, as a commercial strategy to sell the books and the Tara Product I think is a dark way that I hope she will correct in the future. Otherwise Yoga will win another unnecesary rock-star and will lose one teacher who could become with time a good one.

    Only my opinion.



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