every picture tells a story


No $100 yoga pants.

No OM – wear.

No fancy mats.

No embellishment.

Pure yoga.



A group of young men attending yoga class at the Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam, Kerala, India.

For more information see www.BeInAweYoga.com

11 thoughts on “every picture tells a story

  1. They do an amazing job there, for example offering free ayurvedic counselling and checks at their ashram clinic for locals. And every one is welcome as a yoga vacation participant -lectures, satsang, food and asana instruction all for about £5 a day. It’s a wonderful place, nice view on the Western Ghats 🙂
    Thanks for posting these pics!


  2. They make all those NYT articles and ridiculous phrases like “rock star yogi” seem a million miles away and utterly unimportant, don’t they?

    So beautiful.


  3. What I’m intrigued by is that a yogi from the US — Jody Tull, is invited all the way to the Sivananda Ashrams in India to teach yoga workshops. So many people from all over the world go there for these awesome yoga retreats and workshops. Like this woman from England, Wendy Foden, who talks about her experience Finding Her Voice. http://youtu.be/z8_Zbe4UBq8 It looks like a wonderful experience!


  4. Yes yoga is indeed very different in India than in the West. It’s not something fashionable, something that only rich can afford. There are ashrams that can offer yoga classes and complete yoga education completely for free. Long way until we see such centers in our country.


  5. I was sitting on that floor eating my meals two times a day everyday for 4 weeks last year this time! I had a great time there wearing baggy yoga pants, not worrying about how I looked and having no make up on at all, because really who cares about that stuff when you’re really doing yoga?

    Thanks for the post and a bit of nostalgia for me 🙂


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