public service announcement

Dear Representatives of the Many Yoga Clothes/Accessories Companies Who Tell Me They Love This Blog and Then Request that I Promote Your Site:

I do not promote things I know nothing about, but if you want to send me samples of your clothes, yoga props, yoga products, and other various and assorted yoga tchotkes, I am more than happy to try your clothes or products, review them here, and then give them to my students at the domestic violence shelter where I teach yoga.  They could really use some  yoga clothes so they don’t have to practice in their jeans or work clothes.  And we could use lots more yoga props.  Like everything.

So please send me lots of free stuff, like that free promotion you want.

Quid pro quo.

Thanks for contacting me!

Thanks for all your support… since 2005,

Linda’s Yoga Journey

(original upload, Shambhala Sun)

3 thoughts on “public service announcement

  1. love it!!! hope you get lots of stuff……kinda doubt it though……..would be too yogic of them!


  2. Good tactic. I’ve seen much worse PSAs than an appeal to get some publicity (and hook someone up with A+ yoga equipment)


  3. it’s actually hooking up a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SHELTER with A+ yoga equipment, not “someone.” and no, I haven’t gotten anything yet, thanks for asking.


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