just yoga

Conversation with two 20-something women at the Bernalillo New Mexico Wine Fest, Labor Day, 2012…as I sit on the ground in Cowface Pose (bottom half only.)

20s:  “Do you do yoga?”

Me:  “Yes, I’m a teacher.”

20s:  “Cool!  We thought you did yoga because of the way you’re sitting.”

Me:  <smile>

20s:  “What type of yoga so you teach?  Hot yoga or vinyasa?”

Me:  “Just yoga.  Hatha.”

20s:  <confused looks>

Me:  “I’m old school.  I study in India.”

20s:  “Cool!  So do you study hot yoga or vinyasa?”

Me:  “Just yoga.  Hatha.”

20s:  “So what do you think of hot yoga?”

Me:  <smile>  “I’m old school.”

20s:  “Respect….we give you respect…”

…as they both give me knowing nods and light their cigarettes.

8 thoughts on “just yoga

  1. They don’t understand this. Only vinyasa, hot yoga, acro yoga and party yoga (live DJ and your substance of choice).

    Respect to their elders is the least they could give.

    Young yoga teacher told me in amazement … the hippie yoga place (nearly as old school as you’d find) I’d gone to … “They’re STILL around …. hmm …”

    She’d gone on to study Sivananda …


    1. Respect to their elders…why is no one doing this? Real Yoga is Hinduism–all this Yoga Alliance and other stuff is a cruel disrespect of a great religion.

      Swami Param
      Classical Yoga Hindu Academy


  2. I understand the disappointment–to say the least, but this was also an opportunity to “enlighten” a couple souls. People don’t know for a variety of reasons, but one important reason is the “yoga” they are exposed to is so monocular and that’s being generous! I’m no means an expert on the history of yoga, but when I share just some of what I know, people are generally quite intrigued…having no such idea that it was bigger than they have been exposed to at yoga studio or a gym…


    1. I wasn’t disappointed at all so I think it is interesting you read that into the convo. It was a fabulous day and an enjoyable conversation. I actually don’t get into long convos anymore about yoga with anyone, so as for enlightening someone about it….not anymore. I shut up and do my practice.


      1. Time will heal all misconceptions about yoga … these yoga style flashes in the pan will be history by the time these youngsters turn 30 or so. Let the yoga you teach (and the kind that I learn best from) stand the test of time. It speaks volumes about your mentioning India and they did not change their line of questioning, as many of the trendy styles are not taught in Chennai or Kerala or Mysore. The Master Swami at the hippie studio doesn’t let a season go by without visiting India … it’s important to his highly contemplative practice.

        It’s important to conserve your energy now. Pretty sure that this group asking you about what style du jour you teach is not the first like that …

        I ought to take my own advice to not waste my energy; and I’m not even a yoga teacher, etc.


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