Update: Richard Miller’s response

This is a public post on both Richard Miller’s and iRest’s Facebook pages, dated March 14:

“First, I want to begin by saying unequivocally, I take complete responsibility for my actions….
…know my actions sit within a larger history and context and I don’t think I can write a statement on this topic without acknowledging the tremendous pain, hurt and grief in our Yoga community, our society and culture as a whole.”

Unfortunately, it sounds all too familiar: married man can’t take no for an answer.

Been there. More than once.

You be the judge.

3 thoughts on “Update: Richard Miller’s response

  1. Clearly Richard screwed up. The NDA, as I understand it, is a paid option for departing employees ie: you get more money if you sign it. I think it’s weird, but assume it’s a ‘California Thing’ – possibly a relic of a bygone era which needs to go by by. (I do know Richard, and have studied with him) I think she’s been let out of it now. I’m a bit shaken by it all.

    Regarding Mark Whitwell – you may want to check out this extremely thorough bit of investigative journalism. https://sonikameenakshi.medium.com/


  2. Thank you for writing about this unfortunate situation. I don’t see it addressed on IRIs FB page or Dr. Miller’s anymore. I was beginning to realize that Irest is actually self hypnosis, neatly and expensively packaged. Nice to find you here. I admire Ms. Boys for standing up against sexual harassment in the workplace.


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