my third eye itches…

…I couldn’t have said it better myself…

take a break from my India travelog and check out the YogaDawg website…it’s hilarious!

I’ve always thought that too many yogis take themselves WAY too seriously…is anyone else sick of seeing Shiva Rea’s hair blowing in the wind?

Shiva, honey — I moved like you LONG before you ever trademarked “yoga trance dance”! I wish I would have thought of that because then I wouldn’t have to depend on these Google ads to finance my next trip to India…click on these ads, y’all, and send me back to India!

nice marketing strategy, girlfriend!

anyway, check out YogaDawg and see if you recognize anybody…or yourself!


One thought on “my third eye itches…

  1. hi-i discovered yogadawg today. i feel exactly the same as you! anyhow, i wrote about him on my blog & email. he gave me your address-said you also were from chicago.nice to meet you & looking forward to reading more!lisa


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