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Commercial time for Mindful Shopping…

I’ve gathered the ads of a few companies that I have purchased from and have become their affiliate. Some sell organic products and/or donate a portion of their proceeds to global causes — if I was not familiar with their products I would not recommend them.

For the yoga teachers out there, I’ve bought bolsters from for my private students and they love them, plus you can download music for your classes from Find Bliss. I’ve bought turmeric/ginger capsules from Organic India for my arthritis and use it regularly. The Y Catalog’s website states that 10% of everything you spend “will go towards changing the world.” If you need yoga books, click on the Amazon link, although I recommend supporting your local independent book store first!

BUT! If anyone buys anything from any of these sites and the product is made in China, please let me know and I will cancel my affiliation with them. Immediately.

Mucho thanks…and shanti!

3 thoughts on “please support our sponsors

  1. Osteo. The worst is in my rt. shoulder. Had arthroscopic surgery about 10-12 yrs. ago due to bone spurs from my collar bone growing into my rotator cuff. Most of the cartilege was scoped out. My arthritis is one of the reasons I got back into a consistent practice. It really does not affect my practice at all. I think the more one moves the less one is affected by arthritis. IMO, there is absolutely no excuse for people with arthritis — even if it is severe — not to do yoga, and that includes seniors.


  2. You are so right! It helps. I had given yoga up for a time, thinking it was for the more athletic, but had a turn-around in thinking. I’ve discovered the wonderful world of modifications! I have RA but am recovering with the help of antibiotic therapy.


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