yoga = recycling

Yoginis, do you recycle?

You might want to read more about “recycling” in this article.

“These women care about their looks and are keen on keeping up with the latest trends….They’ve finished raising their kids and want to enjoy being fashionable again,” Ando says. “They’re the types who use eco bags while shopping and drive hybrid cars. They have a strong awareness of protecting the environment. And they have no worries about going back to old boyfriends. That’s why I call what they’re doing ‘recycling sex.’… “

And a wife doing yoga should also get alarm bells ringing, according to another “recycling sex” wife.
[emphasis added.]

“I don’t know whether yoga increases your female hormones, or what, but since I’ve been doing yoga it’s made sex feel so much better for me,” [emphasis added]…. “Yoga improves your shape and I always have an excuse for getting out of the house by telling my husband I’ve got a yoga session on.”

earth day every day, I say…

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