who are the Namaste Knitters?

(“Knitting is the New Yoga”, tonywatson.net)

OK, I’m calling y’all out…who are ya?

One thing I love about blogging is having a site meter where you can tell where everyone is from. I check every day (OK, that’s one of my attachments) and I know that some of my regular readers reside in California, Minnesota, Colorado, and Croatia! I’m wondering how Croatia found me, and how much yoga there is in Croatia!

So I have found more than a few readers lately who enter from the url of ravelry.com. These readers are hitting my blog from places such as Victoria, British Columbia; someone from the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Anchorage, Alaska; and Albany, New York from a computer at the Rockefeller Institute of Government, entering from a website called religionandsocialpolicy.org, to name only a few. And for you last two, get back to work!…:)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind at all, the more who read this blog the merrier. But I’m curious about how this blog ended up in the Namaste Knitters discussion forum. I’m assuming the hits are coming from a discussion forum given the url that shows up on my site meter.

So how ’bout it, y’all? Step up and introduce yourselves, don’t be shy, leave some comments. I’ve heard that knitting is the new yoga, so give a holler.

and someone knit me a way cool yoga mat bag!


11 thoughts on “who are the Namaste Knitters?

  1. Hi Linda,Namaste is a subgroup formed in a newly developed knitting community called Ravelry. It is for knitters who also like to do yoga. There was a question posed in their forum about yoga blogs. I listed your blog in response to that question. I’m assuming this is where the hits are coming from.NamasteKathy


  2. Namaste is a subgroup formed in a newly developed on line knitting community called Ravelry.Along with our knitting we talk about our daily practice, where to find a good yoga mat etc. A question was posed about which yoga blogs you read. I posted a link to your blog in my response to that question. I assume that is where all the hits are coming from.Ravelry is in beta right now, but will soon become available to the public. So you can soon see for yourself. We’re a nice group of yoga knitting people.Namaste Kathy


  3. Hi! This is too meta – I love the internet!I have to confess that I’m partially responsible for the hits from Ravelry. I posted on a forum (for a group of knitters who also practice yoga) asking if anyone had any good yoga blog suggestions. A knitter named Kathy suggested your site. Hope that solves the mystery a bit! And I’m looking forward to exploring your blog!


  4. Hi. It’s funny because this is my first time here, and yes, I did come from the Namaste Knitters discussion group forum on Ravelry. Your blog has been listed a one of (so far) three yoga bloggers. A lot of us knitters blog and practice yoga too. Ravelry is also a great procrastination tool for us knitters so I’m not surprised at all for those of us who access it at work. Well, off to explore your blog as I should.


  5. Hi! I don’t think I’m any of the people you referenced in your post and I’m not quite sure how I found your blog, but I’ve been reading for a month or two and enjoying it!I do knit, though! 🙂Oh, and I’m from Pennsylvania, USA.


  6. Another Ravelry-er here. We’ve got sub-groups for just about anything (region, non-knitting interests,favorite books, political leanings, etc.).I’m in NYC and I’ll be visiting again.


  7. well I’m just a lefty blogger who happens to be a knitter and I just found out about Ravelry HERE so I’ll have to check it out.I don’t do yoga but maybe I should. ha.


  8. Dear Linda,to add something exotic into your blog comments, I am saying “Hi” from Berlin, Germany. (Apparently you are fascinated by the fact, that people from all around the world have access to your blog AND read it.) I also found your website through ravelry. I´m a passionate knitter and yogi. Didn´t find an asana yet where I could knit at the same time 😉Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin und Namaste!Bini


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