send a girl to school

There is a program going on right now with CARE — you can read the email that I received….

This month, you have the chance to take part in an unprecedented opportunity to support CARE’s work with women and girls around the world. For every friend you tell about CARE and the importance of girls’ education, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and CARE Ambassador Sheila Johnson will unlock $5 of the matching funds she has committed to CARE!

It’s easy to participate! Ask your old school friends, colleagues and neighbors — whomever you’d like — to learn more about CARE’s education and anti-poverty programs around the world, and you’ll unlock $5 for each person you tell. It only costs $49 to send a girl to school for a year in some countries. Tell 10 friends and $50 will be unlocked—that’s enough to send a girl to school for an entire year!

As a CARE supporter, you know how dramatically education can improve the life of a child, particularly if that child is a girl. Women with a basic education have lower rates of HIV infection and they earn more money. Their children are more likely to live past their fifth birthdays and have lower rates of malnutrition. In fact, no country has reached sustained economic growth without achieving near-universal primary education for boys and girls.

Every day, CARE invests in girls through our education and women’s empowerment programs around the world. We know from experience that once empowered with an education, a girl can bring unimaginable change to her community. Please, tell your friends about CARE and the power of girls’ education today.

Use this exciting opportunity as a chance to reconnect with friends old and new. Not only will you educate people close to you about the importance of girls’ education around the world, but you will support CARE’s life-changing, anti-poverty programs in the world’s poorest communities.

Thank you for sharing this unique opportunity with your friends and family, and for all you do to educate and empower women around the world.

I’ve already told about 20 people about this program, so that’s $100.

This is another example of compassion in action where you don’t have to spend a dime of your own money. It really doesn’t take too much effort to show that you…CARE.

One thought on “send a girl to school

  1. Thank you for this. What a wonderful opportunity to make a very real difference in someone’s life. (By the way, have you read Three Cups of Tea? I’m just starting it, pretty amazing so far.)


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