feel good friday

This week was the anniversary of September 11. This week I read about Pres. Shrub’s plans to bomb Iran. Just when I was thinking that this is no longer my country, I came across this video of the greatest gospel singer ever.

So in the spirit of “feel good Friday”, I give you Miss Mahalia Jackson singing “Study War No More.”


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  1. It’s too bad Shrub won’t ever listen to this song. Even though I’m an athiest now I appreciate it sentiment, thanks for posting it.


  2. Linda-Sama says:

    and thanks for reading and linking my rants and musings to your blog!


  3. Linda-Sama says:

    this very lapsed Lutheran white girl from the south side of Chicago grew up listening to my Polish mother’s Mahalia Jackson records…I think Miss Jackson is beyond any specific religion — she is just Divine.


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