feel good friday

Staying with the latest theme of passion and women of a certain age, I am repeating this post (hey, recycling is always good!) from July. Good videos get lost as they move down the line and I’ve been thinking of Cyndi’s version of this song lately, a song written by another vibrant, creative, fabulous woman of a certain age. As a performer and woman, Cyndi has definitely evolved and moved beyond her original persona. Would that a certain pop queen of late do the same….Brit honey, here’s a tip…life really DOES get better as we age and gather wisdom, it’s just gonna take ya some time, but you’ll get there!

“Before Britney was a Pop Queen, there were singers like Cyndi Lauper — yes, I mean Cyndi Lauper who sang “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” I remember being blown away by Cyndi’s cover of Joni Mitchell’s song “Carey” in a television tribute to Joni. I found the video on YouTube and was blown away again as I watched Cyndi become one with the song…everything comes together in a perfect musical moment. Cyndi has total connection to the music, to her band, to herself, and to the moment. The look on her face when she dances is the way I feel when you hit that sweet spot in vinyasa and you feel like you’re the only one in the room and it all comes together, body-mind-spirit.”

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Feel good on Friday, y’all!

Be peace and be here now.


10 thoughts on “feel good friday

  1. I turn 49 on Sunday and just got finished publishing a post on embracing change and the ageing process. I don’t think its a coincidence that I came here today and read your posts on “women of a certain age.” I’m a late bloomer. Yoga has been opening my life and soul petal by petal. Who knows what I’ll finally become. I know it is working its magic in your life too. Thanks for such inspiring words and examples. NamasteKathy


  2. Thanks for posting this video. You’re right, it’s beautiful. Joni Mitchell has always been my absolute favorite singer/songwriter. And I’ve always liked Cyndi, too. There is something magical about performance art, as capture by a comment Joni made on her (live) Miles of Aisles album, “nobody ever said to Van Gogh … paint <>A Starry Night<> again, man!” I also love tributes like this, because usually the person singing is a huge fan of the music. It reminds me a bit of another incredible tribute film, <>I’m Your Man<> (Leonard Cohen), that came out just the past year or two. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it highly.Namaste,Mike


  3. wow, how weird you should mention Leonard Cohen because this post taken from July also included a video of Leonard Cohen!he used to be “my man”!


  4. Stunning performance! Cyndi Lauper is always so incredibly honest and beautifully herself! What’s not to love? Thanks for this video, I’ve watched it three times so far. I tried to find a recording of it for purchase, sadly to no avail. I love your blog, Linda. Love it!Om Shanti!Jen


  5. yes, that was Joni Mitchell looking on approvingly. Can’t remember when this show was on or on which network, and honestly, the only performance I remember is Cyndi Lauper’s! She nailed that song.


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