arf-arf! recommended by da’ Dawg…

YogaDawg that is!

woo-hoo, gettin’ down with the Dawg! I received an email from the Dawg himself telling me that he picked this blog as a “YogaDawg recommended blog”

I first wrote about YogaDawg back in January and again in October when he posted his video bio. Dawg’s video would make Bikram fall off his yoga throne with laughter.

I check in every so often to see what snide and sarcastic bits of yoga humor he has come up with. My favorite parts are still the sections on Yoga Teachers and Yoga Students — read through the descriptions and you’ll see someone you know or maybe yourself. Uh…and no, I’m not any of them. really.

Dawg and I are probably going to end up in a Buddhist Hell Realm for wise-ass yogis.

and yes…I’m still sick of seeing Shiva Rea’s hair blowing in the wind.

Long live YogaDawg!

3 thoughts on “arf-arf! recommended by da’ Dawg…

  1. I love this blog! Shiva Rae’s hair blowing in the wind.I am howling.And sore from a challenging but great class last night.How can I ever thank you enough?


  2. I read about Shiva Rea before I left the states. Sounds like a bunch of hype. Thanks for the spa recommendation. Do they take VISA card? I am so there!


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