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In the comments of my last post, my cyber-yogabud, YogaDawg, listed this blog as one of his ten faves as did Brenda of Grounding Thru the Sit Bones. to that I say, muchos gracias, y’all! it does my heart good to know who reads my rants and musings.

but naming my ten fave blogs is as hard as trying to name my ten fave songs or ten fave movies, it’s almost impossible. just look at Lindia’s Hall of Fame in the sidebar and those are my favorite blogs to visit. but out of that list, I can narrow it down to blogs that I try to hit every day, so here goes:

YogaDawg, of course, for the laughs!

my gal pal in India, sirensongs, for her Feringhee: The India Diaries

The Existentialist Cowboy — I think Len’s posts on politics are brilliant and why is he not on TV instead of fascist knuckleheads like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly?

Vanessa: Unplugged — thoughts out loud, straight, no chaser (love that line!)

Just Breathe — Nadine also studies at KYM so that’s why!

Everything Yoga — because I agree with a lot of what Diane says about yoga

The Divine Democrat — ‘cuz I love the avatar of the nun smoking a doobie and Mary Ellen is a Chicago gal just like me

FranIAm — just ‘cuz and because she writes the sweetest comments on my posts

A Bowl of Stupid — Matt is on an “India sucks” rant right now, but, hey, even I think India sucks sometimes and I love India!

and last but not least, The Absent Mind — I don’t think Mike will be posting anymore unforuntately, but I found his writing to be the most profound and powerful that I have ever come across. I will miss his writing and his comments to my posts tremendously.

now y’all have to name your ten favorite blogs!

on a more contemplative note, this blog has been de-listed from two yoga blogs that I regularly read and I can’t help but wonder why.

shanti, y’all…

8 thoughts on “blog it forward

  1. Hey, I’m not dead yet! In fact, just posted once again to my blog last night. Alas, I have decreased my posting frequency a lot, but perhaps a new prolific phase is just around the corner.Anyway, thanks for the kudos and keep up the great writing yourself.Shanti,Mike


  2. hey, dude, you’d better start writing again! I meant what I said about your writing, so I look forward to more posts and I want to read your insightful comments on my posts!shanti!


  3. Linda! What a nice surprise! Thanks so much, kiddo. I’ve been meaning to get over here for ages, but I’ve been having a tough time keeping up with blogging and life…I’ll make sure I get your blog on my blogroll right away to be sure I don’t miss coming over here. After all, we Chicago gals have to stick together, right? Oh..there’s a great recipe on my latest post, at the bottom. 😉


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