how’s this for power yoga?

for those of you wanting a yoga class that kicks your ass….

“Let’s get physical, physical,
I wanna get physical, let’s get into physical,
Let me hear your body talk,
Your body talk, let me hear your body….BOOM!”

(thanks, Y Dawg!)

3 thoughts on “how’s this for power yoga?

  1. from a lurking reader:“Love, love, love that picture! I was laughing and thinking I should print that up, and when someone says, “woah…are you gonna teach us all that really good hard stuff?”, I am just gonna hand them the picture! Ya think? On the flip side, they will say ‘sign me up!'”


  2. from another lurking reader:“YOW! I wanna take that class! Loved it! Yeah baby, that’s my kinda yoga! Can you imagine the kind of students you might get if that was your ad?If you did that in Berkeley…do you realize what an instant hit your class would be?”


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