one more blog award goes to…

…Sindhu for her blog Flower Girl’s Rural India

I wrote about Sindhu’s blogs here so read all about them.

Here you go, thankachi, display this award proudly on your blog….”thankachi” is “younger sister” in Tamil, the language of the Indian state that I visit.

I won’t be back in Ma India for another year and I miss India everyday — whenever I want to re-visit My India I go to Sindhu’s blog.

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4 thoughts on “one more blog award goes to…

  1. Hey Linda Welcome back. Thank you so much. I will not want to stop writing about India. Will continue writing. Just that got struck with my new project and my new job. My personal time is being robbed by this new project. Hope to set it right this month. Should be posting soon. You really motivate meThank you so much againcheers!


  2. Namaste Linda,Thank you so much for following my blog.(More motivation for me to write regularly).I am just a beginner on the path of Yoga.It is my honour that you find my blog worth visiting. Do give me feedback -ve or +ve,both are welcome.


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