Paul Grilley: how to be a good yoga student

I spent 5 days with Paul Grilley in another wonderful yin yoga teacher training. this video was taken by Zach, who came from Michigan to the Chicago Yoga Center.

Paul is talking about being a courteous student if you are in a workshop or a class and you do not agree with what is being taught.

I have studied with Paul for 5 years now and what I love about him is that he kills the yoga sacred cow of “universal principles of alignment.” I will write soon about my experience in his training and post my own pictures.

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4 thoughts on “Paul Grilley: how to be a good yoga student

  1. Hi Linda, I have incorporated Paul Grilley’s methods into my yoga practice for several years. I’ve found them wonderful on a number of levels. I envy you being able to go and train with Paul Grilley! He is one of the very few ‘luminary’ yoga teachers I would really like to spend some time with. I will have to save up my $$ and plan it for my Long Service Leave (the 3 months of paid leave that us Aussies get after 10 years of working at the same place)in 2011.


  2. Now that might be an idea …Although at sometime in my life I am going to have get up the courage to pass through US customs…


  3. Hmmm…I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with what was being taught in a yoga class…not sure if that’s because my teachers have all been so good or because I’m still too much of an ignoramus to know when something’s bogus.Actually, I guess the teachers I’ve spent a good amount of time with, have tended to be pretty open minded…so, actually, if they do say philosophical or metaphysical-type stuff with which I disagree–which they–it’s in a manner that says “do with this what you will” rather than “this is the way.” And, certainly, they’ve tended to be against the “all bodies are the same” idea, though I’ve certainly read that in places (like Iyengar, I think, saying that the body is loosest first thing in the morning–obviously he hasn’t spent much time dragging mine out of bed…).Anyway, I’ll look forward to learning more about Paul Grilley….


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