I can see Russia from my house….

I began to wonder why so many people from Russia were hitting on this post….

So I went to the site they were hitting from and found this:


What a shock it was to see photos of my yoga room posted from some place in Russia! I used an online translation site to find out what was being written about my room and everyone has such nice things to say, even wishing that the person who has this room be healthy and prosper! From what I can figure out the post is about “environment yoga room.”

It’s nice to have my design vision appreciated from thousands of miles away.

Hey, maybe they’d like The Sama to come teach…or at least design a yoga room.


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6 thoughts on “I can see Russia from my house….

  1. Is yoga taking off in Russia? I get the odd visitor from someone looking up 'yoga' from Russia. Its sweet they like your room so much 🙂

    Hey, does this mean you're qualified to be the USA President now?


  2. The wonders of the Internet!

    Last night I couldn't sleep, so I got up at 3:00 in the morning and sent a few Tweets. Next thing you know I was having an active discussion with three Yoga friends from Australia and London.

    Bob Weisenberg


  3. Well, cool…but if Russia can see your house as well…even the inside of it…this is gonna make Sarah Palin really really paranoid…then, she probably doesn't read your blog, anyway…she won't even follow me on twitter.

    Anyway, love the pic at the top, too–got the whole world on his hands…or something…


  4. Some criticize the Internet as negatively affecting human communication (too much computer time, too little face time). Maybe that's true for kids who prefer to online chat rather than to phone or meet in person.

    But for most people, email and websites (forums, comments) have proven a fantastic way to meet people and to keep in touch. I can't imagine life without it anymore. (I do not do Facebook or Twitter, however. Too much time on the computer already. I can barely keep up with others' blogs!)


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