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I can see Russia from my house….

I began to wonder why so many people from Russia were hitting on this post….

So I went to the site they were hitting from and found this:

What a shock it was to see photos of my yoga room posted from some place in Russia! I used an online translation site to find out what was being written about my room and everyone has such nice things to say, even wishing that the person who has this room be healthy and prosper! From what I can figure out the post is about “environment yoga room.”

It’s nice to have my design vision appreciated from thousands of miles away.

Hey, maybe they’d like The Sama to come teach…or at least design a yoga room.


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this is me on yoga

not really, but it looks like me….I have cats, I have the dark, curly hair, I have the incense and the mala and the orange walls in my yoga room.

I bought this giclee from the Shambhala Sun, a Buddhist magazine that I’ve subscribed to for a long time. had to have it, and yes, very un-Buddhist of me to be attached to it. the artist is Tatjana Krizmanic, an artist and illustrator from Croatia and a Buddhist practitioner.

The painting was the cover of one of the Shambhala Sun’s yoga issues. their current yoga and Buddhism issue is on sale right now so check it out.

If you want to buy some giclees of their covers and other art that appeared in past issues, check out this link (my giclee was on sale when I bought it.) you’ll find calligraphy by Thich Naht Hanh and the work of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. and who wouldn’t want a giclee of George Washington meditating?

Shambhala Sun is an independent nonprofit corporation, so the art you buy funds their organization — help keep them publishing and spreading the dharma.

dharma in your world, dharma on your walls!

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