award time Friday

Guess what, readers! This Ageless Hippie Chick Yogini will NOT be writing about the Yoga Rock Star who shall remain nameless mentioned in the New York Times. Why? Because everything that can possibly be said about it, him, them, has been said, and frankly, because the entire brou-ha-ha bores me. And boredom does not become me.

So this post will be in gratitude to Brooks the Yogic Muse and Svasti. Both of them were gracious enough to list me as one of their favorite yoga bloggers for different yet similar reasons.

From Brooks…

…because she admires and connects with blogs that she sees as “transmitting the beautiful humanity of the writers as they live a most yogic life.”

And from Svasti…

…because she thinks “that most of us who blog (girls and guys) are warriors, because writing involves opening the heart. And my definition of being a warrior includes not being afraid of looking deeply into your own heart, fears, sorrows and all!”

I thank them both, humbly and deeply. Please go to their blogs to read about the other fine yoga bloggers they wrote about. These two mentions mean much more than what I wrote about here.

Visit my blogroll to see all the bloggers who I think are yoga stars.

Let’s all support one another.
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3 thoughts on “award time Friday

  1. Thanks so much, your blog is so many things, but what i really love is your truth. Both Brooks and Svasti are so truthful with their comments also “beautiful humanity” and “opening the heart”. IMO beauty is about being real and authentic…


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