irony rules

Ahimsa aside, if you do not see the irony in this you need one tight slap and told to snap out of it.

A yoga teacher friend sent me this basically asking “what the what?!?” This was in an email she received from Yoga Journal Online.

“Find personal yoga teachers expensive?”

Say what? Uh, thanks, Yoga Journal (and yes, I know it’s not Yoga Journal specifically but the advertiser), but does it really benefit all the yoga teachers out there for your advertiser to put the idea into peoples’ heads that private teachers are too expensive?

HELLO!! I’m trying to GET more private students, not drive them away! Thanks for nothing.

“Private yoga lessons directly from India”

Hmmmm….let’s see. I call Dell and get to talk to someone in Mumbai. Same with American Express.

Now we’re outsourcing yoga classes to India!

Forget the gym, forget the yoga studio, forget the private teacher. I will get on my computer and gosh darn it all to hell I can get a real authentic Indian to teach me some yoga.

Woo-hoo! No more stinky studio mats and gross toenails on the floor! No more people coming in late and leaving early! No more cell phones ringing in class! I’m just gonna order me up some yoga in the privacy of my bedroom! YAY! Who needs to interact with teachers face to face, I can shut it down and get a pizza in the middle of the class…now THAT’S a slice of yoga heaven!

And to think I made four trips to India and paid all that money to KYM…..what an idiot!

Click the ad and it will take you to Divine Wellness where you can sign up for a free private yoga lesson so knock yourself out:

“Private Yoga Lesson is conducted online using web camera. You get the same experience as a teacher guiding you step-by-step and continuously modifying the program as per your readiness. Only the teacher is across the internet. Even better, our qualified and experienced teachers are in India, the land of origin of Yoga.”

I like the “even better” part because yes, the most “qualified and experienced teachers are in India.” The next best thing is teachers who train in India and that’s me. So call me! I need more private clients. Will yoga for food, rates negotiable.

Go ahead. Get your free lesson and let me know how much they charge. Then I will tell you how much private yoga classes REALLY are in India. I’m rolling my eyes now.

If I had a webcam I would get that free trial and report back, but, hell…I don’t even own an IPod.

Wait a minute….why didn’t I think of this?

DOH! I need one tight slap.

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6 thoughts on “irony rules

  1. I just took a class tonight with a LIVE teacher and was stunned by the lack of interaction. It was like doing a DVD, really.

    And then there was the vague language and the obvious complete disconnect from her own body since she couldn't describe, it seems, how anything should actually feel.

    And I thought…is this what most teachers are like?

    So, yeah, let's make it SUCK even more. Let's put it on the computer, for god's sake.

    We are doing something very wrong, the yoga community, in general, I think, and we really need to change it up.

    I apologize…this comment probably contains way too many ideas that are still in germination stages…but I am frustrated.

    By people's unwillingness, also, to pay good money for quality product when they DO find it. 😦


  2. “is this what most teachers are like?”

    uh, you need to get me out there for a workshop, dear….;)

    “I am frustrated.
    By people's unwillingness, also, to pay good money for quality product when they DO find it.”

    you hit the nail on the head, christine!


    one on one, old school way….

    you're preaching to the choir…

    yeah, let's outsource it so we will never have to interact with anyone….

    shoot me now…


  3. What an idea huh? There are numerous problems with your own private video yoga teacher in the privacy of your own home:

    If you need a private yoga class your probably unable to go to a studio because of your schedule or because you have some other issue preventing you from taking class in a larger community setting. If you simply need to switch the on button chances are you won’t do it too often. The yoga teacher who comes to your door at a certain time each week not only provides a class but disciple to stick to your practice. I have been doing yoga for 16 years, the last nine quite seriously. I continue to struggle with my own issues of following through in a home practice. An independent home practice takes tremendous disciple and it a rare beginner or intermediate student that is able to follow through with consistency. For me privates are about working 1:1 with a student who has needs. Any privates that I have done have all been restorative and medicinal I would not trust a video teacher to understand the needs of my students or be able to give proper adjustments. The video instructor doesn’t come with blocks and straps and pillows and probably can’t even see my students to modify poses accordingly. A private class is more than someone coming and taking you through a series of asana. Yes I suppose it can be expensive but usually the price is fair and reflects the expertise and experience of the teacher. Advertising yoga needs based primarily on money will never meet the needs of the student. The student who decides to practice is not thinking about money but health, decreasing stress and often just having a small block of time they can call there own. It’s not about money, far more personal.


  4. i like to read your post and all the comments
    each time i can go for a workshop session for yoga, i go because, alone it is hard
    if someone was teaching the class in my island ( in asthanga) i will go at least twice a month or once a week… here, at home , my schedule is a bit wird… so i might want to get a private class… each time i take class in india or australia and i just love it


  5. Redonkulous! Really though, wouldn't even take the class IF I had a webcam and even if it is free. Nothing beats GOING to a class and getting the experience. 🙂


  6. There's stuff that can't be learned any other way than a 1:1 connection between two human beings in the same room at the same time.

    Yoga on a DVD is one thing. Yoga via a live webcam can't be too much different.

    And how are they making money? There has to be a catch.

    Anyway, back to the first sentence I wrote. Sharing physical space is the fastest way to learn yoga. There's a transmission of energy and love, as well as knowledge and experience. A handful of words, a light adjustment, an observation… all these things can make an entire world of difference to one's practice.

    And none of that can be achieved over a webcam…


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