I get it….it was REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY!

Brenda left a comment on my Facebook page that maybe the Commenter Who Shall Remain Nameless is using reverse psychology to keep me on the air, to get me mad enough to keep me around.

Since my last post, the contributor in question to the Sadhana Bliss Chicago blog has made their Blogger profile unavailable and has changed their name to “fooled you” as if that in some way absolves him or her. You can form your own opinion about that.

I am shocked (in a good way) but heartened that two bloggers took up my cause, so to speak. Brooks wrote in her blog Yoga, the Mind and Culture:

“What provoked me to write about this is a comment she received about her announcement. It starts out like this: “would that you could go quietly into the night, but that would be too much for you to manage, wouldn’t it? at least you’re GOING.”

I am so saddened and shocked by this comment. Using a metaphor for dying quietly is just so hurtful and wrong to receive…”

…and AnthroYogini in Australia who went on to comment that it’s “cyberbullying by adults who should know better. I’m sick of people hiding behind their ISPs and typing nasty shit they’d never have the balls to say to your face.”

A blog troll is a troll is a troll so let’s not feed the trolls. They always come back to see what kind of a rise they got out of of the blogger. They lurk around, always reading the same post or comments to that post. And you know they keep coming around because you can tell by your site meter (and you also know where they live.) In actuality I probably should not have published the comment or written about it because doing that is exactly what the troll wants, but I felt that enough was enough, it was time to bring that type of activity out into daylight especially because it was in the yoga blogosphere.

Both I and this blog are acquired tastes so if you don’t like my style or my voice, don’t read. Simple. But for those of you who do like the spice, I will continue my “cathartic musings and occasional rants about my trips to India to study my heart’s passion, and my sweet adventures along the yoga path” albeit not as frequently. Only when the muse calls. I am concentrating on my upcoming trip to India and Africa.

Since I don’t want the last post for a long time to end on a sour note, I leave you with some good notes from one of my favorite musicians (and true yogi) Alice Coltrane. Enjoy.

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sharing the AUM

Let the different faiths exist; let them flourish; and let the glory of God be sung in all the languages and in a variety of tunes. That should be the ideal. Respect the differences between the faiths and recognize them as valid as long as they do not extinguish the flame of unity.” – Sri Satya Sai Baba

I love Alice Coltrane. Alice Coltrane was John Coltrane’s wife and both were music revolutionaries. Alice was a pioneer in true yoga music that the current yoga crowd does not know about. I’m so over listening to shmaltzy sweet peace-love-dove new age music in yoga classes. listen to what sister alice has to say about Indian music in this video.

I also want to share with you a new blog I discovered recently…Inspirations and Creative Thoughts: “In sacred remembrance of Divine | Reflection on Life and Spirituality | An evolution of Spirituality | Knowing thyself | Yours and my thoughts | Appreciation for all faiths | Mysticism and Integral Comparative Spirituality .. Hal jazaa ul ihsani illal ihsani? Is the reward of goodness other than goodness? (Quran 55:60)”

There is so much on this blog about spirituality you can literally sit and read for hours.

a-salaam aleikum
so shall it be

metta to you all

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om shanti to you, sister Alice

Alice Coltrane in Bombay…

salaam aleikum
so shall it be