decisions, decisions….

Hmmmm….should I blog about teaching in Tanzania to global yogis….

…or totally disappear once I hit India…no blogging, no Facebook updates, no tweets (which I’m beginning to think tweeting is a huge waste of time anyway.)

The Yoga Adventure in Africa is sold out — but no one from here (USA) is going. Too outside the box and (I’m assuming) too expensive to get to Africa. That is too bad because that means no money whatsoever for the eye clinic in Moshi, Tanzania (except my donation.) I had hoped that enough people from here would have signed up to give Seva $1,080.00. I sent my business newsletter announcing the trip to over 100 people all over the country. YogaChicago magazine (where I placed my ad) has a circulation of over 25,000 readers. A few bloggers (you know who you are! thank you again!) wrote about the trip. In spite of all that, no American takers.

However, within two days of an email announcement, a dozen people from the Tanzanian yoga community signed up. We only have room for 15, so that’s 12, my friend who organized it, her friend who owns the property where I will teach, and me. Full…and me bringing yin yoga to Africa. Paul Grilley told me, “you go, girl!” I’m global, baby.

A friend told me I might fall in love with Africa the way I did with India. I’m not ruling it out…because I’ve asked Maithri if I could teach yoga to HIV/AIDS patients in Swaziland.

Hmmmmm….I like going off the grid….

I step onto the plane in 60 days.

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do yoga in Africa and help women

According to the Seva Foundation “two-thirds of the 45 million blind people in the world are female, yet women receive less than half of eye care services. Moreover, 80% of these cases are preventable or treatable forms of blindness.”

As part of their payment for yoga, each participant will donate $108 to the Seva Foundation for the Kilimanjaro Center for Community Ophthalmology. You can read all about KCCO here. KCCO isn’t a hospital and doesn’t provide clinical services, but the work is focused on research, program development and training, all intended to help eye care service providers and public health workers reach a huge population that has never had these services before.

It really is more important to me that people come on my Yoga Adventure in Africa in order to donate to Seva than for me to make a ton of money. I would be happy to get my plane fare covered. Frankly, a teaching experience that is so outside the box is worth much more to me.

Have you signed up yet? You can get all the details here.

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karma yoga in Tanzania, Africa

I borrowed this fabulous photo of Mt. Meru from Miss S and her blog Yoga, Dogs, and Chocolate. Miss S was kind enough to help spread the word about my Yoga Adventure in Africa. I was overwhelmed that someone who has never met me could write these words: “Linda is an old soul, peaceful and living in the light. She really has a way of making you feel good and know that no matter what is going on everything is going to be OK.”

Thank you and much metta to you, Miss S. I will say again that it overwhelms me to receive the support from global yogis ever since I started writing this blog (and you know who you are!) I am blessed.

Much more important to me is that if you attend this yoga experience of a lifetime, YOU WILL ALSO LITERALLY HELP PEOPLE TO SEE because $108 of your yoga payment will be donated to the Seva Foundation for their eye clinic in Moshi, Tanzania.


That’s compassion in action. That’s karma yoga. If 10 people attend this yoga camp, that’s $1,080.00 donated to the eye clinic. Do you know how far $1,080.00 will go in Africa?

What are you waiting for?

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selling myself

As per Svasti’s suggestion that I should ask people to spread the word about my Yoga Adventure in Africa…I am asking you to spread the word. All of you who are regular readers of this blog and the yoga bloggers on my blogroll, please help spread the word about my yin-yang yoga weekend in Arusha, Tanzania. This yogini of a certain age is bustin’ out of Middle America and going global, baby.

Dear Svasti was the first one to help advertise this on her blog and on Twitter.

Yes, I know in this global economy that yoga funds are limited but they say if you’re going to dream, dream big, so I’m dreaming big. The fact is that there are always people with disposable income even in crunch times, they just have to find me.

The genesis of this trip is thus: I was asked to teach there. I met Pat at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in 2005 when we both did the month-long intensive. She said that traveling yoga teachers are few and far between in Arusha so could I come teach to the ex-pat yoga community. We kept in touch but the timing was never right for me. Now it is and all things happen for a reason. Here is what I’m offering:


Friday afternoon: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Saturday morning: Yin + Yang practice + meditation (2.5 hours)

Saturday afternoon: Yin practice + meditation (2 hours)

Saturday evening dharma talk:

Buddha’s Four Foundations of Mindfulness as they apply to your yoga practice

Sunday: same schedule as Saturday


We will explore both practices of passive (yin) and active (yang) yoga. Yin yoga consists of long-held poses (3-5 minutes) focusing on the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, and spine. We will passively stretch the tendons and ligaments in order to unblock and distribute chi (prana) throughout the meridians (nadis), clearing blockages, and helping to balance our organ and meridian systems for our general health. This powerful practice opens your body and enlivens your mind for meditation. A slow flow vinyasa class follows the yin practice visiting the poses that you already love. You will relish the extra space cultivated in the yin poses as you discover a new sense of freedom and grace in yang movement. Recommended for students of all levels with a “beginner’s mind”, and is especially recommended for athletes and all “stiff” yogis! An open mind, rather than an open body, will deepen the experience of this profound and powerful practice.

This is truly a yoga experience of a lifetime because after the yoga weekend there will be two safari options available for you. If a safari is not your thing, book five days at the Blue Oyster Hotel on Zanzibar (and who does not want to say that they chilled out on Zanzibar?) BEFORE the yoga weekend and you’ll get a 10% discount off 2010 prices (proof of retreat participation must be shown at check-in.) Complete details and safari prices are available here.

Most importantly, this trip involves seva. $108 of your yoga payment will be donated to the Seva Foundation to help support their eye clinic in Moshi, Tanzania. If you come on this yoga adventure you will literally HELP PEOPLE TO SEE.

It’s always been extremely difficult for me to market myself (I need an agent!) When I did my first website it took me 6 months to just write about me. The bottom line is that yoga in the west is big business and I need to get my name out there. Look at any of your favorite big-time yogis and they are not shy about marketing themselves and putting what they offer out there. They also have people who are more than willing to help spread their words.

It’s my time after all these years. According to Wikipedia, Arusha is also the Hindi word for the rising sun. There are no coincidences.

So if you want to help a yoga gal out, spread the word. I’ve already spent $512 on a half-page ad in a local yoga magazine, I need to make back some dough!


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