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My students and LYJ readers have asked me for years to make a T shirt for my yoga business, Metta Yoga: Mind-Body Education, and they are finally here, finished today!

The letters mimic the logo font on my new website.  I chose this color because to me green represents EARTH — ECOLOGY — RENEWAL — NATURE — PRAKRITI.

Each one is individually silk screened by hand and is a unique piece of T shirt art, no two exactly alike, and made in America, not China.

I am not making a ton of money from the sale of these shirts.  They are $49.00 (that price includes shipping within the United States) and I will donate $5 from each shirt purchased to the ANIMAL RESCUE CORPS, an organization that saves dogs from fight rings and puppies from puppy mills.  A different charity will be chosen every few months ranging from Native American to women’s to animal charities.  Buying a shirt is COMPASSION IN ACTION so your donation from each shirt shows that you have group, rather than individual, mentality and that is wonderful for the world.

Seven shirts have already been sold sight unseen and I am humbled that two will go outside the USA.  The shirts are not your average yoga T shirt but those who know me know that I could never sell anything average anyway.

The 100% cotton jersey unisex shirts are pre-shrunk and I will have 20 medium, 20 large, and only 5 small and 4 XL.  View the American Apparel size chart here.

Leave a comment or email me at linda AT metta-yoga DOT com and we can arrange payment via Paypal.

In other news, the book that I was interviewed for in 2011 finally came out earlier this year.  Conversations with Modern Yogis features famous yoga teachers such as Erich Schiffmann, David Life and Sharon Gannon, Rodney Yee, Richard Freeman, Richard Rosen…and me.

Author and photographer Zubin Shroff contacted me three years ago and asked to interview me.  I was shocked speechless because I’m a full-fledged yoga nobody, certainly no rock star yoga teacher.  He contacted me because of this blog, calling me a fierce voice in the yoga blogosphere that needed to be heard.  I am honored and humbled to be considered a thought leader in North American yoga.  Now if I could only get people to pay for private yoga classes.

  “Presented with Shroff’s large format black and white portraits, Conversations with Modern Yogis highights the diversity of North America’s yoga thought leaders. The collection, guided by the wisdoms of many notable contributors, showcases the innovation, dedication and thoughtful rigor that can be found in contemporary yoga practices. Visually and narratively, this book moves the conversation about “the state of yoga” way beyond the mainstream depiction of “pretty young things” in the yoga workout studio.”

It’s an excellent book and not just because I’m in it.

Buy a shirt and get a new yoga book.


karma yoga in Tanzania, Africa

I borrowed this fabulous photo of Mt. Meru from Miss S and her blog Yoga, Dogs, and Chocolate. Miss S was kind enough to help spread the word about my Yoga Adventure in Africa. I was overwhelmed that someone who has never met me could write these words: “Linda is an old soul, peaceful and living in the light. She really has a way of making you feel good and know that no matter what is going on everything is going to be OK.”

Thank you and much metta to you, Miss S. I will say again that it overwhelms me to receive the support from global yogis ever since I started writing this blog (and you know who you are!) I am blessed.

Much more important to me is that if you attend this yoga experience of a lifetime, YOU WILL ALSO LITERALLY HELP PEOPLE TO SEE because $108 of your yoga payment will be donated to the Seva Foundation for their eye clinic in Moshi, Tanzania.


That’s compassion in action. That’s karma yoga. If 10 people attend this yoga camp, that’s $1,080.00 donated to the eye clinic. Do you know how far $1,080.00 will go in Africa?

What are you waiting for?

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no turning back now

There’s no turning back now from METTA YOGA’S YOGA ADVENTURE IN AFRICA, February 26-27-28, 2010.

This is the ad that will appear in the September-October issue of Yoga Chicago magazine.

For complete details about the yoga camp and two safari options, see here.

A Midwest winter can be rather brutal, at least it can be in the Chicago area. So you have your choice: a Chicago winter or OMing in a private acacia forest under the African sky.


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your yoga adventure in Africa!

It’s not too early to start planning for your YOGA ADVENTURE IN ARUSHA, TANZANIA, February 26-27-28, 2010!


Friday night: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (90 minutes)

Saturday morning: Yin + Yang practice + meditation (2.5 hours)

Saturday late afternoon/evening: Yin practice + meditation (2 hours)

Saturday night dharma talk:

Buddha’s Four Foundations of Mindfulness as they apply to your yoga practice

Sunday: same schedule as Saturday


We will explore both practices of passive (yin) and active (yang) yoga. Yin yoga consists of long-held poses (3-5 minutes) focusing on the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, and spine. We will passively stretch the tendons and ligaments in order to unblock and distribute chi (prana) throughout the meridians (nadis), clearing blockages, and helping to balance our organ and meridian systems for our general health. This powerful practice opens your body and enlivens your mind for meditation. A slow flow vinyasa class follows the yin practice visiting the poses that you already love. You will relish the extra space cultivated in the yin poses as you discover a new sense of freedom and grace in yang movement. Recommended for students of all levels with a “beginner’s mind”, and is especially recommended for athletes and all “stiff” yogis! An open mind, rather than an open body, will deepen the experience of this profound and powerful practice.

COST: $1,108.00 (USD)

$108 from every participant will be donated to the SEVA FOUNDATION in Berkeley, California to help support the Kilimanjaro Center for Community Ophthalmology in Moshi, Tanzania. Please read about Improving Eye Care in Africa. The Seva Foundation will make a hospital tour available on Monday for all interested participants.

The yoga camp will be set up by Mike Peterson of Dorobo Safaris. Dorobo Safaris are considered by many to be the best ecotourism outfit in the safari circuit. Your yoga adventure will take place at Dorobo’s campsite on their land and they will provide tents, shower and toilet facilities and all meals, tea/coffee, beer and wine in the evening. Yoga will be conducted in an open sided shelter in a beautiful Acacia forest. Massage and reiki sessions will also be available at extra cost. Your $1,108.00 covers food, lodging, yoga teaching, and donation to Seva Foundation. Participants will arrive in Arusha and transfer to the Olasiti Camp on Thursday, February 25, 2010. Camp will break the morning of March 1 when two safari options will be available for you on March 2.

Go to Metta Yoga: Mind-Body Education to see complete details about the safari options available and prices, my yoga bio, and testimonials.

Prices listed DO NOT include airfare to Tanzania, Africa.


This is a once in a lifetime yoga experience! Don’t miss it!

Can I get the help of my blogger friends to pass this information along to all interested yoga peeps?

Yoga + meditation + buddhadharma + seva: what more could anyone want?

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